Bigger is a bit better

The larger screen in the Apple Watch Series 7 is the highlight of the upcoming laptop, according to initial reviews today. And reviewers also praise faster charging.

Still, the consensus is that the new model will be a welcome upgrade for those with an older watch, but not a significant leap for those with Series 6.

Size matters

The new Retina display on the Apple Watch Series 7 measures 20% larger than the Series 6. That’s a 50% increase over the Series 3. Reviewers had a lot to say about it.

“It does what all screen upgrades tend to do: make the older screen with its larger edges look small,” said Dieter Bohn at The edge.

And Robert Leedham from GQ UK shouted, “the one large difference? A larger, brighter display that is more impenetrable to anything the great outdoors can throw at it. ”

Lisa Eadicicco from Cnet wrote: “The new QWERTY keyboard is the real reason you benefit from the Series 7’s larger screen.” Brian Heater from TechCrunch was also happy. “The biggest daily change, however, is the addition of a full QWERTY keyboard for text input, either by typing or sliding between letters with QuickPath,” he wrote. “I am amazed at how well both worked on the small screen.

Faster charging

Many of the first round of reviews released on Wednesday praised a feature that many potential Apple Watch Series 7 buyers might have overlooked: faster charging. The inductive charger that comes with the laptop transfers power faster.

“Apple claims it’s 33 percent faster than the older cable, and that sounds right to me,” he said. The edge review. And Eadicicco from Cnet gave some hard numbers. She said: “After 30 minutes of charging, the Apple Watch Series 7’s battery jumped from zero to 54%, while the Series 6 was only recharged by 37% in the same time period.”

But do not expect a longer battery life. “I need to charge Series 7 only a little less often than I need to charge my old Series 5 (which is starting to lose battery capacity a bit),” Bohn said from The edge.

watchOS 8 benefits

Along with new hardware came a new watchOS version that offers features only for the larger screen in the Apple Watch Series 7. “WatchOS 8 has been optimized for the new screen, and the user interface as a whole or with individual apps will look a little different, Wrote by Jacob Krol CNN. “Calls to a number in the phone app have much larger numbers, and the same goes for the calculator.”

The Apple Watch Series 7 exclusively offers ‘Contour’ and ‘Modular Duo’ faces.
Photo: Apple

And there are other improvements in the user interface only for this model. “The two dials adapted for the 7 series are called ‘Contour’ and ‘Modular Duo’,” points out The edge review. “The former just puts numbers out on the edges of the screen and would apparently look bad on screens with larger edges, while the latter allows you to have two complications in full width stacked instead of just one.”

No change here

Aside from the larger screen, the Apple Watch in 2021 is very similar to its predecessor. “It has the same curved edges and super-tactile crown, the same highly customized range of case settings, dials and straps and the same fierce array of health monitoring sensors,” Leedham wrote from GQ UK.

And which The edge points out, “Apple did not add any new health sensors to the Series 7. It still tracks heart rate and has an oxygen meter in the blood and ECG.”

Apple Watch Series 7 is a ‘tweak’

A consensus among Series 7 reviewers is that the new model is an improved version of its predecessor without dramatic changes. CnetEadicicco wrote that the new model “feels more like ‘Apple Watch 6S’, but it’s a big leap if you have an older watch.”

Heater from TechCrunch pointed out, “In the premium and mid-range, Apple continues to completely dominate to such an extent that top competitors like Samsung and Google come together to take it. So what do you do when you’re Apple? You tweak. You make the screen a little bigger , you make the charger a little faster, and most of all you do not really mess with the good. ”

The Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $ 399 for the 41mm aluminum version, and upgrading to the 45mm size takes the price to $ 429. Setting up one of them with mobile wireless features costs $ 100. The first devices reach customers on the 15th. October, but demand exceeds Apple’s limited supply, and orders placed now do not arrive until November.


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