Big Brother 25 spoilers: Jag wins Veto, Cam to be backdoored

After a turbulent week last week on “Big Brother 25,” this one ought to be a lot more straightforward, though you never know with this group. But they can finally do what they’ve passed up multiple times: evict Cameron.

Jag won Veto on Saturday, which means he will use it on either Cory or America (likely the former) on Monday and Jared can execute his Cam backdoor plan. The plan was hardly a secret and the tension before Veto was hilarious. Everyone was worried Cam would get picked. Cam pushed for America to pick him for Houseguest’s Choice, but his chip was drawn anyway (after a redraw had to be done because Jag’s chip was drawn after Cory chose him for Houseguest’s Choice). Before the Veto started, Cirie told Jared to put her up as the renom in case Cam wins and uses it. This came after Blue, who sort of patched things up with Jared, told Cirie to be careful because people see Jared and Cirie as a duo now that Izzy is gone. Cirie told him that the move would show they’re not that tight, but really, she’s just over it and wants to advance Jared’s game.

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Jared, obviously, refused and it never came to that. Cam lost the Veto by 40 seconds, so he’s a dead man walking at this point. He won’t go down without a fight, of course, and spent Sunday offering up himself as a “gun for hire,” but no one was biting. Meanwhile, the rest of the house is catching up to how much control Cirie and Jared (and Izzy) have had through various notes-comparing. Felicia and Mecole figured out that Cirie and Jared never wanted to keep Felicia last week, so Felicia no longer trusts them. America and Cory are on the other side of mother and son, and everyone is in between, hoping the duos take shots at each other. Cirie warned Jared that Cory may have created an alliance during the vote-flip last week, but Jared dismissed it, saying he doesn’t give Cory that much credit. One of Jared’s many downfalls will be thinking everyone’s dumb and he’s the smartest of them all.

So Jag will use the Veto on Monday and Cam will go up, and there probably won’t be a ton — if any at all — of flip talk this week.

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