Best Nintendo Switch OLED cases 2021

Nintendo Switch OLED case

Nothing is worse than sniffing or scratching a shiny new purchase, and since the Nintendo Switch OLED model has the larger 7-inch screen, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect it. This is where a durable case comes in handy. You will be able to transport your Switch more safely while knowing that it is safer against falls and shocks. Remember that it is slightly larger than the original Switch, so you will need a case that fits. We have put together the very best Nintendo Switch OLED models that you can use. Don’t forget to grab one of the best Nintendo Switch OLED screen protectors too.

Colorful designs:
Fintie carrying case for Nintendo Switch OLED model

Staff selection

This case has everything I’m looking for: a handle, inside pocket with zipper that prevents small accessories from slipping around, a hard shell and the ability to hold 10 cartridges. It is also available in 23 designs, so you can easily find the look you like best.

$ 18 at Amazon

Tomtoc Ultra Thin Switch Oled Case Blue

Ultra slim:
Tomtoc Slim Nintendo Switch OLED cover

This beautiful case is one of the thinnest you can get, which still provides tough shell protection. There is no storage space, but it can hold up to 10 game cartridges, and the smart wrist strap makes it easy to carry around.

$ 33 at Amazon

Orzly case for Nintendo Switch Oled Model

Simple and slim:
Orzly carrying case for Nintendo Switch OLED model

This hard case can hold a total of eight cartridges and has a storage pocket that can hold two sets of Joy-Cons or other small accessories. It is perfect for the Switch OLED model.

$ 19 at Amazon

Heystop Nintendo Switch Oled Model Kit

All the protection:
HEYSTOP 9 in 1 case for Nintendo Switch OLED model

Do you want to protect your OLED model from all angles? You really can not go wrong with this set. It comes with a case, screen cover, Joy-Con covers and thumb grips, among other things.

$ 13 at Amazon

Hori Nintendo Switch Oled Case Red

Official Nintendo designs:
HORI protective cover for Nintendo Switch

Not only does HORI offer a great deal of protection with its tough case, but this case looks great while doing so. IT can hold up to 10 cartridges and has a soft interior.

$ 20 at Amazon

Lalumix Carrying Case Switch

Great load capacity:
Lalumix carrying case for Nintendo Switch

In addition to beautiful design options, a handle and protective holster, this option allows you to carry up to 20 Switch cartridges at once.

$ 22 at Amazon

Heystop case and accessory set Nintendo Switch

Take it all with you:
HEYSTOP carrying case for Nintendo Switch

Do you need to bring your dock, Joy-Cons, Pro Controller and everything else? This tough case will do the trick. It also has a strap that you can sling over your shoulder for easy carrying.

$ 41 at Amazon

Procase Flip Cover Switch Oled Case

ProCase Flip Cover for Nintendo Switch OLED – Black

This Flip Case and Screen Protector bundle gives you all the protection you need for your Switch OLED. It also comes in four different colors so you choose the one you like best.

$ 17 at Amazon

Pdp Pull N Go Switch Oled Case bundle

Everyday and travel bag:
PDP Gaming Pull-N-Go Travel Case for Nintendo Switch OLED

This is actually a bundle that gives you a Switch OLED carrying case that can also be attached to a larger bag to fit your dock, controllers and other accessories. It comes in several designs including Animal Crossing, Zelda and Mario.

$ 34 at Amazon

Safe on the go

The Nintendo Switch OLED model is meant to be taken with you wherever you go, which is why you should really invest in a durable case. If you only need one case, I suggest you make it a Fintie carrying case. It has everything you need, including the durable hard shell cover, room for cartridges and handles. In addition, it’s one of the few cases out there that actually has a storage section with a zipper so things do not spread all over your Switch. If that wasn’t enough, it comes in several fun designs.

Do you need to take the entire Switch group on a trip? The HEYSTOP carrying case can fit pretty much anything you need. It has specific openings for your various accessories and can be slung over the shoulder for easy transport.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a fun design that has one of your favorite series of Nintendo characters, look no further than a HORI Protection Case. There are some fun options to choose from that will keep your gaming system safe on the go.

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