Barcelona beat Shakhtar and has a perfect score

Barcelona won 2-1 at home Shakhtar Donetsk in the third date from UEFA Champions League 2023/2024continues with an ideal score and was one step away from qualifying for the round of 16.

Xavi Hernández’s team It met expectations and defeated the Ukrainian team at the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium. Although the closing was with doubts due to the visitor’s discount, he controlled the game for most of the ninety minutes.

The Culé team continues to show good football and, despite some errors, They continue to strengthen themselves as a team this season.

Those led by Xavi managed the timing of the match, but They couldn’t solve it when they had a difference of two goals and ended up suffering a little on the scoreboard.

Barcelona’s display in the first half was very good, they arrived on several occasions and They managed to go 2-0 with goals from Ferran Torres and Fermín López (party figure).

The truth is that the local team was totally passive in the complement, letting the visitor’s players have the ball and in the 62nd minute they paid for it with a goal from Heorhii Sudakov.

The goal seemed to wake them up and they once again regained control of the match, pressing high and creating new chances in front of the goal defended by Dmytro Riznky.

So much so that he had several opportunities to stretch the difference, but poor definitions and the VAR prevented him from doing so.

Those led by Marino Pusic were also able to tie the match, but failed when they were one-on-one with Marc-André ter Stegen.

Finally, it was a victory for Barcelona that allows them maintain the perfect score after three presentations (only one goal against) and at the top of Group H.

These two teams will meet again on the next date on November 7 in Germany. Let’s remember that the Ukrainian team is playing in the Hamburg People’s Park Stadium.

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