Bank holiday: can you buy dollars on Monday, November 20? | The day after the Presidential Election

On Monday, November 20, one day after the presidential runoff between Javier Milei and Sergio Massa, Banks and financial institutions will remain closed due to the holiday for him National Sovereignty Day. Although you can do some operations online or at ATMs, You will not be able to buy or sell dollars.

In Argentina, the exchange market is subject to banking hours, so in general it cannot be buy dollars or through homebanking, or make any transaction of cbuying and selling bonds, stocks, or other shares, when banks are closed.

However, Some entities have exceptions and enable some of these operations from home banking.

What banking operations can be done on holidays

The banks recalled that by not having clearingoperations like the deposit of checks will be credited only the next day.

What holidays are left in 2023

According to the official national calendar for 2023, it is an immovable holiday and one of the last long weekends of the year.

2023 is completed with two more holidays in December, according to the calendar of the Ministry of Interior. On the one hand, the Friday, 8for the Day of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and the Monday 25Christmas.

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