AWS IQ expansion: Connect with Experts and Consulting Firms based in the UK and France

Launched in 2019, AWS IQ has helped clients around the world engage thousands of AWS-certified third-party experts and consulting firms for project work as needed. Whether you need to learn about AWS, plan your project, configure new services, migrate existing applications, or optimize your expenses, AWS IQ connects you with experts and consulting firms who can help. You can share your project goals with a description, receive answers within AWS IQ application, approve permits and budget, and will be debited directly via AWS billing.

Until yesterday, experts had to stay in the United States to offer their practical help AWS IQ. Today, I am pleased to announce that AWS-certified experts and consulting firms based in the UK and France can participate in AWS IQ.

If you are an AWS customer in the UK or France and need to get in touch with local AWS experts, you can now contact a wider group of experts and consulting firms during European business hours. When you create a new project, you can now specify a preferred expert placement.

As an AWS Certified Expert, you can now see the buyer’s preferred expert site to ensure the right fit. AWS IQ simplifies finding relevant options and helps you access a customer’s AWS environment securely. It also provides invoicing so that more time is spent solving customer problems, instead of administrative tasks. Your payments are paid by the AWS Marketplace in USD to a US bank account. If you do not already have a US bank account, you may be able to get one through third party services, e.g. Hyperwallet.

AWS IQ User interface update
When you create a new project request, you can select one Preferred expert or permanent placement: Everywhere, France, UK or USA.

Check out Jeff Barr’s launch article to learn more about the entire request creation process.

You can also work on the same project with multiple experts from different locations.

When you search for experts and companies, you will find their location under company name and reviews.

Available today
AWS IQ is available to clients around the world (except China) for all types of project work, provided by AWS experts in the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. Get started by creating your project request at Here you can discover featured experts or search for experts for a specific service such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) or DynamoDB.

If you are interested in getting started as an expert, check it out AWS IQ for experts. Your profile shows your AWS certifications as well as ratings and reviews from completed projects.

I’m excited about the expansion of AWS IQ for experts based in the UK and France and I look forward to further expansions in the future.


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