Audio and video series, Episode 28… Magda escapes outside Egypt and Abdel Ghani informs about Souad

Events developed significantly during the events of Episode 28 of the series “Video and AudioWhich is shown on the channel dmc And a platform watch it Digital, where Ayman Al-Shiwi brought to Nermin (Najla Badr) documents and papers incriminating the lawyer Magda (Nardeen Faraj) in many cases, and Nermin obtained the documents and sent them to the office of lawyer Lotfy Abboud (Sedqi Sakhr), who was surprised by these documents in his office’s mailbox, where He didn’t know who sent it to him.

Audio and video series, episode 28

Lotfy Abboud hands over the documents to Lieutenant Colonel Hussein (Rami Al-Tambari), who summons Magda and confronts her with the documents he has incriminating her in cases of bribery from major parties, and that there is a committee that will investigate her in these matters, but after the first investigation session, Magda disappeared and it was revealed that she had fled outside the country, and in At the same time, Nermin tries to apologize to Radwa after visiting her in prison, where she admitted to her that she tried a lot to distort her image on social media and paid money for that, but at the same time she emphasized her sympathy for her.

The episode witnessed Abdel Ghani (Walid Fawaz) going to his house, which he left to Radwa to live in, out of his desire to have it and live in it with his daughter after Souad (Fadwa Abed) divorced him and expelled him from her house. However, Radwa’s son shocks him that his daughter transferred the rent of the house to her name, so Abdel goes. Al-Ghani goes to the company department and reports Souad to Colonel Hussein and confirms to him that Souad is the one who leaked Issam Al-Sayyad’s videos and that the camera is on her at home.

Audio and video series starring Hanan Mutawa, Naglaa Badr, Walid Fawaz, Sedqi Sakher, Amr Wahba, Iman Al-Sharif, Ramy Al-Tambari, Fadwa Abed, Hager Afifi, Ahmed Majed, Hamza Diab, Youssef Wehbe, Iman Al-Sharif, Marwa Eid, Ahmed Shaheen, Mima Shami, Ahmed Saad, Ahmed Abu Zeid, Imad Safwat, Bataa Khalil, Ayat Magdy, Sally Hammad, the child Lavina Nader, a special appearance by Aida Fahmy Saeed Siddiq, Magdy El Sebaei, and a special appearance by Nardin Farag and Murad Makram, written by Muhammad Suleiman Abdel Malek and directed by Mahmoud Abdel. Repent.

An audio and video series shown from Saturday to Wednesday on the channel DMC At 8 pm, and the replay at 2 am and 1:30 pm, and on the channel DMC Drama at 11 p.m., replay at 5 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., in addition to showing the new episode on the platform. watch it 24 hours before the channel.

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