Atlético Tucumán beat Talleres and got into the fight for the playoffs

Workshops ended up rallying Atlético Tucumán, centimeters away from the tie, although Gandolfi’s team reacted too late and the Dean took advantage of the opportunism and quality of Estigarribiathe defensive solidity and the saves of Marchiori to achieve a victory that leaves him one point behind the classification positions to the quarterfinals from League Cup y also to a unit of those who fight for a place in the South American 2024.

As usually happens in these weather conditions, the intense and constant rain generated a round of direct attacks in which the Dean was more lucid and precise to create the game, take advantage of the spaces and define. In fact, the local team had the chance to achieve a greater difference in the first half but Herrera deflected with his right glove a bomb from Pereyra that bounced off the post and a one-on-one with Estigarribia, who in the first duel with the goalkeeper de Talleres scored a Vaseline and celebrated the 1-0.

Although Gandolfi’s team had more possession, it lacked depth because Bustos was too isolated as the only striker except when Barticciotto unbalanced with some acceleration. Because Garro was disconnected and Depietri repeated the inward hook that became predictable and lost effect very soon.

Gandolfi’s offensive change at half-time (Molina for central midfielder Gómez) boosted the T, added dynamics and speed, but at the same time opened more holes that Atlético knew how to take advantage of on each counterattack. In any case, the state of the playing field and the physical wear and tear took its toll on the local players while the Talleres coach continued adding fresh legs from the bench.

It’s true, heThe search for the tie was with balls and rebounds captured in the second play, without dribbles or collective combinations that could break Atlético’s well-established defense. So, the clearest situation that the Córdoba team generated was a header from defender Mantilla in the final minutes. The Dean won well, due to tactical intelligence, structural balance and Estigarribia’s scoring ability. So, took a leap to get closer to the two objectives of the final stretch of 2023.

The only goal of the game

Atlético Tucumán 25-10-2023

Estigarribia opened the scoring for Atlético Tucumán

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