Atletico Madrid competes with Real Madrid and Girona for the top spot in the Spanish League

Targets a team Atletico Madrid Snatching the lead in the Spanish League in the next round, competing with Real Madrid and Girona at the top of La Liga with 25 points each if the Rojiblancos win..

Atletico Madrid will resume its campaign in the Spanish League this season, facing Deportivo Alaves next Sunday, in the eleventh round..

The Atletico Madrid team occupies fourth place in the La Liga competition table, with 22 points, only two points behind Barcelona, ​​third in the standings, and only three points behind Real Madrid and Girona, the leaders and runners-up, with 25 points each. The Rojiblancos have one less match, having played only 9 matches, while the other clubs played La Liga 10 matches.

Atletico Madrid ignited the competition for the top of the Spanish League battle between the big boys in the golden square, as if it wins over its guest Deportivo Alaves next Sunday, it will be in the lead with Real Madrid and Girona, one point behind Barcelona, ​​third..

In Europe, Atletico Madrid fell into a draw with Scottish club Celtic, 2-2, in the match that brought them together yesterday, Wednesday, at Celtic Park, in the third round of the group stage of the Champions League competition..

Atletico Madrid’s balance reached 5 points in the runner-up table in Group E of the Champions League, with two wins and two draws, respectively.

While the Dutch team Feyenoord leads the fifth group standings in the Champions League, with 6 points gained from two wins and a loss, while Lazio comes in third place with 4 points, and finally Scottish club Celtic with one point..

Atletico Madrid is scheduled to host Celtic in the first round of the Champions League group stage, on November 7, at the Civitas Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.“.

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