At-home workout company Liteboxer launches Quest 2 game at CES

As part of their first CES presence, home fitness company Liteboxer unveiled their first VR fitness game for Meta Quest 2. Previously, Liteboxer’s only products were complete home fitness kits centered around gamified music-based boxing training and training experiences. of a crew of in-house coaches.

The company seeks to differentiate itself from the other VR fitness and boxing experiences on Quest 2 by taking a more premium approach. Liteboxer’s VR component, which claims to be “the first VR experience created by fitness experts”, will cost users $ 19 a month after a one-week free trial. Fitness fanatics who already own one of the company’s complete home kits will have access to the experience included in their Liteboxer subscription.

Liteboxer also promises to take advantage of Quest’s hand-tracking technology, providing a controller-free experience, though players who prefer to use a controller can still do so. The Boston-based company plans to include other features that are part of their full training experience, including leaderboards, a selection of licensed music from Universal Music Group and training planned by the company’s professional trainers.

Universal Music Group has access to some of the most popular artists in the world, which means you’ll be able to jam out to people like BTS or Billie Eilish without paying for every music package you make with Beat Saber.

Liteboxer invites instant comparison with Supernatural, a $ 19 / month workout app with live coaching, licensed music, Beat Saber-like gameplay, and lots of squats and lunges.

We’ll have to see how the two compare when Liteboxer launches on Quest 2 on March 3rd. It’s highly likely to be one of the best fitness games on Quest 2.

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