ASP.NET Web API: Benefits and Why to Choose It

ASP.NET Web API: Benefits and Why to Choose It

In the modern technology world, web-based applications are not sufficient to reach a wider audience. People are now using several smart devices, including smartphones, tablets, etc., in their daily lives. Such devices have a wealth of apps that make life easier. Now everyone is switching from the web to a world full of applications.

To expose data for apps and browsers faster and more securely, you need a compatible API or application programming interface. Several popular web APIs like ASP.NET collect, modify or update the data efficiently. The web API is quite useful in ASP.NET development to create RESTful apps.

The Web API i ASP.NET uses the framework for implementing RESTful services, and these web services use HTTP for communication. It includes several tools and features to create great apps and software. In this blog you will learn about ASP.NET web API, its benefits and the importance of web API in the present.

ASP.NET Web API Overview

To create HTTP-based services that are accessible across multiple platforms, people use the ASP.NET web API framework. With services that are compatible with various devices like mobile, tablets or PC, it can reach a large number of people and many can benefit from it. The Web API works in the same way as MVC web apps from ASP.NET, but it sends service data in response instead of HTML view.

It is one of the best platforms for creating RESTful apps and includes features in the MVC such as a filter, action results, controller, model binding, routing, etc. The web API looks like a web service, except that it supports HTTP the protocols. Some of its properties are mentioned as follows:

  • It is created on the ASP.NET framework and supports its request or response pipeline.
  • The framework includes HttpClient for communication with the API server.
  • The Web API is compatible with several response data formats. It also supports XML, JSON and BSON formats.
  • It uses controller and routing concepts, the same as ASP.NET MVC.

What are the benefits of ASP.NET Web API?

Business growth depends to a large extent on the users’ experiences. If a website provides a good experience, more and more users will keep the page. For this you need to consider ASP.NET to create amazing pages that run on different platforms. No matter if you are creating ASP.NET MVC or Web Forms websites, you will need the help of AJAX. The Web API develops an app through AJAX, due to which you can build services that work on different entities.

It facilitates developers’ work in creating apps that are compatible with all browsers and devices. Using the web API, one can access the HTTP features such as request / reply orders, URIs, caching, content formatting and more. Compared to WCF services that require additional multi-device configuration options, the ASP.NET Web API helps develop web apps through REST Web Services.

Why choose ASP.NET Web API?

There are several reasons to opt for the web API ASP.NET development, and some of the main reasons are listed below.

A backend for built-in apps

If you are looking for one good backend to create native apps for mobile phones, then this web API is ideal for your purpose. It does not need SOAP, and any built-in app that works on mobile devices except Windows can use the frame as a backend.

2. Development of Ajax-based Web Apps

The framework is a perfect choice for creating web apps. That ASP.NET development services providers use the framework to develop client web apps that depend on AJAX. It is ideal for web apps that do not need configuration settings, e.g. WCF RESTful services.

Easy creation of services

The ASP.NET Web API has a lightweight architecture that drives HTTP services to reach a wide audience. Compared to WCF, the framework makes it faster and easier to build services.


After reading the points mentioned above, you may have understood the need for ASP.NET web API. It speeds up the whole process of creating web apps. You can choose the framework to build great web apps and Restful services that run seamlessly on different devices.


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