Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s blunt opinion on the amnesty: “Everything has been said”

El pact between Pedro Snchez and Carles Puigdemont to grant amnesty to the prisoners of the procs continues to give something to talk about. The networks, as always in the face of any difficult situation in the world of politics or culture in Spain, have turned to the writer Arturo Prez-Reverte to give his opinion on the pact that will allow the PSOE to remain in power for the next four years.

Given the avalanche of requests for Pérez-Reverte to publicly express his rejection or support for the amnesty, the writer has not dodged the issue and has recovered an old tweet. “This tweet is from exactly four years ago, so don’t ask me more about what’s happening these days, please. It’s all been said a long time ago“, wrote Pérez-Reverte, showing a publication of his from November 12, 2019.

The 2019 tweet that Pérez-Reverte recovers about current political events

In that message, the RAE academic expressed his feelings about the political panorama: “I would like to be able to look at the National reality (or whatever we want to call this sad spectacle) with the attitude or distance of an Englishman in Morocco. Let’s see if, by trying hard, someday I can achieve it. I will keep you informed“.

Many users, after this response, point out that Prez-Reverte did not want to clearly show his position. “He doesn’t get wet, as always, Don Arturo,” says one of the responses that the writer has received on his official profile, where he has also shared some articles from the past where he did show his opinion on some of the most relevant figures in politics spanish

“I seem to remember that you had voted for Sánchez in good faith and without expecting what he would do next. I have also heard you talk about him as an unscrupulous adventurer who could be the villain of a novel. He never fooled me, nor does he seem like such a smart guy to me.“, says a user on X (formerly Twitter).

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