Art stars send a message of support to “Mohamed Salam” after his solidarity with Palestine.. video

Issued Artist Mohamed Salam Social networking sites after he apologized for not participating in one of the plays scheduled to be shown in Saudi Arabia in solidarity with… Gaza The “Salam” video was admired by a large number of art and media stars who were keen to support it

The artist Iman Al-Assi I got stuck He sends us a lot of peace from you, Lord Meanwhile, artist Hassan Abu Al-Rous commented God bless you, you are truly a true artist.. You have a message, morals, manhood, and strong faith, and what you did is a very big thing. We all feel for you.

The artist, Sulaf Fawakherji, commented on the video, saying: “It is a natural feeling, Muhammad. We are all unable to live, and what is happening in… Palestine It happens and you may lose money, but you gain yourself, and God is the Lord of hearts and He is the Provider“.

While the director wrote Maryam Abu Auf Through her Facebook account: “Mohamed Salam is a respectable man The artist Sabry Fawaz wrote: “Mohamed Salam is one of the cleanest and purest people you can see in your life, and all people love him.”“.

Writer Abdul Rahim Kamal praised the situation Muhammad Salam Through his Facebook account Bravo, the Egyptian artist Mohamed Salam apologized for traveling to show a comedy show in Riyadh because the circumstances do not allow that. A tribute to a respected Egyptian artist.“.

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