Apps UP 2022: A platform for today’s leading mobile apps to shine!

Mobile apps have significantly changed the way we live. Consider a typical day in your life: Your day starts with your alarm from your mobile phone. You catch up on the news via social media applications before you go to work after booking a ride on ride-hailing apps like Grab or Gojek.

In the evening, browse various food delivery apps and have your dinner delivered to your door, or maybe go for a run while tracking your progress with a fitness app. The weekend comes and you can order tickets to events, pay your bills, make health appointments and even buy groceries from your mobile phone.

For app developers, this increasing and high adoption of mobile apps presents a huge opportunity for innovation.

But with the millions of apps out there, how can developers get their apps in front of their intended users? What tools and platforms can they use to continuously improve and improve their product and ensure it catches up with the needs of the times?

Join Apps UP 2022 to bring innovative apps to the global stage

China-based leading technology giant Huawei has launched the Huawei Global App Innovation Contest (“Apps UP”) to support app developers worldwide to improve and scale their products. It aims to help developers showcase innovative and unique applications and leverage the powerful network and tools empowered by Huawei’s ecosystem.

Apps UP 2022 is the third edition of the competition following the successes of the previous editions of the competition. The competition is open to participants from all walks of life, including students, professionals, budding startups and established companies in China, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa.

In Asia Pacific alone, Apps UP 2022 presents a total cash prize pool of US$200,000 as well as other perks, including access to over 730 million Huawei global users and Huawei’s innovative technologies. It also opens up opportunities for developers to network and gain technical expertise and experience from leading mobile application experts.

Developers do not need to build an app from scratch to participate in Apps UP. If developers have existing apps, they can focus on improving them and enhancing features and functionalities by integrating their apps with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) Core kits.

Huawei offers kits in seven technical domains such as app services, media, graphics, security, system, smart device and artificial intelligence, enabling developers to deliver enhanced user experiences and pursue breakthrough innovation of their apps. As of June 2022, Huawei has 5.75 million registered developers and over 216,000 apps globally have been integrated with HMS Core.

Team Alpha, developers of “Land of Calm” and winner of the “HMS Core Innovation Award” in Apps UP 2021, share their experiences as participants in the global competition. Their app is a mental wellness app that helps users track their sleep and mental well-being, with features such as audio playlist and stories to help users manage their anxiety.

“As absolute newbies to app development, it was a wonderful experience for us to join Apps UP last year. Apps UP has equipped us with the latest app development know-how, enabling us to make enhancements and improvements , which we didn’t think was possible before entering the competition,” shared developers Supuni D. Jayasinghe and Krishalika Dilani.

“We believe this is a golden opportunity for app developers to make a breakthrough in their careers, as it did for us,” they added.

The Sri Lankan developers chose to integrate some of the most advanced HMS Core sets into their product, such as the account set for authorization, HUAWEI cloud storage for data storage, and in-app notification functionality to offer a unique experience for app users. “Integrating the kit was easy with the provided documentation support, guidance from experts, and advice we received through the HUAWEI Developer Forum.”

Another significant advantage that Apps UP developers will appreciate is the possibility of recognition on a global platform. Apps UP finalists have a chance to raise their product presence, gain global attention and collaborate with Huawei in subsequent global marketing campaigns.

“Participating and winning the award from Apps Up 2021 really paved the way for bigger things for us. Apps UP has given us greater exposure and increased our presence, opened up opportunities and strengthened our careers. We were invited to share our experiences with other students, which strengthened our authority as app developers and helped expand our network. It is one of the most memorable experiences of our student life,” shared the “Bloodbank” app developers who won the “Tech’s Women’s Award” in Apps UP 2021.

The app aims to improve accessibility to information and facilitate and transform the blood donation process.

To participate in the competition and enjoy first-class support from industry leaders as well as access to technology resources, app developers are invited to create their app with HMS Core integration and submit their submission by October 9, 2022 at 18.00 (UTC +8) . Come along for the ride and build a smart future together!

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