Apple’s ‘Saving Simon’ Holiday Ad Is Shot Entirely on iPhone 13 Pro


Today, Apple released its annual holiday ad for the year. The three-minute video titled “Saving Simon” was recorded exclusively on an iPhone 13 Pro. Here are some interesting pieces about it.

Apple’s latest commercial was directed by Oscar-nominated father-son duo Jason Reitman and Ivan Reitman. It shows a little girl rescuing a snowman she made (Simon) from being destroyed by other children. She puts it in the freezer, and as the year goes on, she develops an attachment to the snowman. When winter comes, the child places the snowman outdoors and conveys Apple’s theme – “the ones we waited all year to be with.” The background music is “You and I” by singer-songwriter Valerie June. Apple has not provided further details on the production of this year’s holiday ad. However, the company could have used other equipment such as a gimbal, rig, external flash, etc., in addition to the iPhone 13 Pro.

Apple’s annual holiday season ad has become a sort of tradition now, as has Apple Music Replay and other year and roundups. But unlike others, the iPhone maker usually delivers an emotionally charged or smart advertisement. This year’s commercial takes advantage of the continued popularity of Apple’s Shot on iPhone campaign.

It’s interesting to see Apple use its flagship phone’s camera capability for one of this year’s most important ads. If you have three minutes left, we suggest you watch the video below and tell us what you think of it in the comments section!


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