Apple’s new AirPods Pro with MagSafe case see first Amazon discount

Apple’s AirPods Pro has proven to be super popular since their release in 2019, and the noise-canceling earphones have just received their first update at Apple’s October event.

The AirPods Pro now has a MagSafe-enabled case that provides a much more comfortable charging experience for those who use Apple’s MagSafe charger. Although the new AirPods Pro has just been released, you can already get a discount on a set of $ 29 off at Amazon and Best Buy.

Apart from the case, the new AirPods Pro are identical to the previous generation with active noise reduction and transparency mode. ANC allows you to block all surrounding sounds and background sounds around you and focus on your music, podcast, audiobook or whatever else is playing in your ears, while the transparency mode lets you filter external sounds back when you need it.

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Unlike AirPods 2 or new AirPods 3, the AirPods Pro has an in-ear design for a snug fit. You receive three sizes of soft silicone tips that help get the right level of comfort, and there is even an adaptive EQ that automatically adjusts your music to the shape of your ear.

AirPods Pro are also water-repellent, making them a great choice as gym headphones or to wear during races.

The Apple-designed H1 chip inside the AirPods Pro makes pairing a one-touch process for Apple device owners who also enjoy automatic switching between devices. Hands-free “Hey Siri” is available and you get some smart touch controls on the AirPods strains.

This is one of the best AirPods deals we’ve seen this fall, and it provides a good chance to save up for Black Friday madness.

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