Apple’s brutal holiday ad is a snowman bloodbath shot on iPhone 13 Pro

Apple's brutal holiday ad is a snowman bloodbath shot on iPhone 13 Pro

The appearance of a young girl who has just witnessed the murder of her best friend.
Photo: Apple

If you’re the one who enjoys destroying other people’s snowmen, you’ll love Apple’s new “Shot on iPhone” ad for the holiday season.

“Saving Simon” tells the story of a young girl who rescues a beloved snowman from a mass tramp, keeps it alive all year round by shutting it inside a freezer and then helplessly watching while being brutally wiped out in a stroke and run .

Saving Snowman is a tragic story of heartache during the holidays

During his time in the freezer, the snowman Simon becomes part of the family – at least for the little girl in the ad. He receives regular visits, goes on a picnic in a cool box and miraculously survives a frightening power outage.

After months of being stuck inside, Simon gets a chance to enjoy some fresh air when colder weather brings more snow. But shortly after he gets to feel the winter breeze on his carrot nose, a cruel and ruthless cyclist brings the beautiful story to a bitter end.

Simon is eventually replaced by another snowman with a smug smile on his face that is nowhere near as cool. But there is at least a somewhat happy ending to this stomach-churning ad, and the holiday is not completely ruined for the sweet girl who saved Simon’s life, became his only friend and had to watch him suffer a devastating fate.

RIP, Simon.


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