Apple Watch Series 8 colors and more detailed in latest rumor leak

The Apple Watch Series 8 will be announced at the iPhone 14 event in September. Meanwhile, Twitter user and “time traveler from Earth 616” @VNchocoTaco aka ShimpApplePro has shared what they’re hearing about the range. Details include Apple Watch Series 8 colors, production timing and more.

What we know

We already know much of what to expect with the Series 8 family based on reporting from Bloomberg. The differences between Series 7 and Series 8 will be minimal, while a more expensive “Pro” version will steal the show. Our friend Rejer has nothing to report to model, but they repeat previous reporting. That’s notable because VNchocoTaco credits the same source behind a leaked label for the Series 7 last year.

Apple Watch Series 8 colors

According to the Earth 616 time traveler’s source, the Apple Watch Series 8 will look like this:

  • 41mm and 45mm as Series 7 design
  • Aluminum in starlight, midnight, product red and silver
  • Stainless steel in silver, graphite and gold
  • No titanium model in this version

If this color list is comprehensive, it would mean an exit for green and blue, while reintroducing silver aluminum. It seems reasonable considering that starlight co-exists with silver in the MacBook Air lineup, and starlight is a warm mix between silver and gold. Series 7 customers were vocal about the lack of a more neutral color last year.

Release schedule

Timing-wise, mass production is on track for this month, according to their source. This means that the standard Series 8 will likely be released a few weeks after the Apple event in early September.

However, ShrimpApplePro has not shared information from their source about the very flashy Apple Watch coming this year. Bloomberg has reported extensively on a ruggedized version of the Series 8 with a larger display and titanium casing. In any case, we hope that the version also follows the usual release schedule without production delays.


Finally, today’s tidbits include mention of a “stronger glue” for the watch case on the Series 8 compared to the Series 7. This reflects improved durability as mentioned before.

As for the omission of titanium Edition model from the standard lineup, this is to be expected with the premium material marketed differently this year. If the Apple Watch Series 8 colors are correct, will you miss blue and green watches? Would you prefer space gray to return? Share your thoughts below.

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