Apple Suppliers Shoot Down Reports of iPhone 13 Orders Being Reduced Due to Chip Shortage

Recently, a report suggested that Apple has reduced production due to ongoing chip shortages. The Bloomberg report claimed that Apple had reduced iPhone 13 orders by 10 million units by 2021. Apple vendors have discredited such claims and maintained that there is no cut in iPhone 13 orders.

The Bloomberg report claimed that Apple had reduced the iPhone 13 due to chip shortage. In addition, it is said that the company has turned down production in the order of several million. As expected, Apple stock took a small hit when the report came out. Some analysts were shocked by the news and worried about Apple’s performance. The report raised doubts about Apple’s position and whether the company will meet demand.

The latest Digitimes report says, “component vendors for Apple’s new iPhones have not claimed any cut in orders so far this year.” This means that iPhone 13 production is on schedule and the news of the cut is not accurate. Speaking further, vendors add no doubt about Apple’s ability to meet iPhone 13 demand.

Chip shortage is a huge problem as semiconductor manufacturers are unable to meet consumer demands. During the pandemic attack, production facilities were shut down as consumer demand catapulted. Earlier this year, Apple warned that chip shortages could cause production delays. One of the main reasons for increased demand is people working externally.

Our Take

There is no way to know if the Bloomberg report is correct or Digitimes. On the other hand, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max show delayed delivery dates. Even the Apple Watch Series 7, which goes on sale later this week, is expected to experience some delays, and some models will arrive as late as December 2021.

[via Digitimes]

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