Apple shares iOS 15 adoption rate, no longer lets users install security patches on iOS 14

iOS 15 adoption rate, no security fixes on iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 15 is not the most famous Apple update ever. And it shows thanks to the latest figures for the iOS 15 adoption rate, which is shared by Apple. According to the updated adoption numbers published on Apple’s website, only 72% of the iPhone models from the last four years have been updated to iOS 15.

According to the figures, 26% of iPhones introduced since 2018 are still running iOS 14. 72% of users are running on the latest iOS 15 update, while 2% are on an older version of iOS. Across all devices, not just those released in the last four years, iOS 15 runs on 63% of devices, while 30% of users run iOS 14. Similarly, iPadOS 15 adoption has also been slower than usual .

iOS 15 iPadOS 15 adoption rate December 2021
Source: Apple

Adoption rates are slower than usual. Compared to iOS 14, it was installed on 81% of compatible devices (introduced in the last four years prior to launch) in December 2020. iOS 13 also ran on 77% of devices at the same time after release. The adoption of iOS 15 is slower than usual.

And rightly so. The iOS 15 release has not been the most stable iOS release from Apple. Many users complained about poor battery life on iOS 15. Many iOS 15 features were also delayed due to the system not being stable enough to introduce new ones. Some users say holidays are not visible on their iPhones after updating to iOS 15, while some users say iMessage sends “read receipts” even when the feature is turned off. It’s been a tough road for Apple to get users involved, but we hope this changes with upcoming iOS 15 updates.

Users are no longer able to install security patches on iOS 14

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Another reason why people may not have updated to iOS 15 is that Apple allowed iOS 14 users to skip the update and only install the security patch portion of the updates on their iPhones. However, Apple has withdrawn on the situation. The company no longer allows users to stay on iOS 14 with security updates. Instead, the Cupertino giant has returned to the original update method, where users must install the latest iOS update (iOS 15 at present) to get the latest features and the latest security updates.

9to5Mac says the change was implemented with the iOS 15.2 release in December 2021. Previously, iOS 14.8 users were able to install iOS 14.8.1 (which included the security patch part). But as the publication reports, this update is completely gone, and the Software Update menu only shows the iOS 15.2.1 update to iOS 14 users.

Have you installed iOS 15 on your iPhone? How has your experience been? Tell us in the comments below!

Via: 9to5Mac, AppleInsider


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