Apple says your used iPhone is now worth less

iPhone 7

Believe it or not, Apple will give you real money for that iPhone 7 stuck in a drawer.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple dropped its trade-in values ​​for many older iPhone models. The drop is as much as $80 for some.

Still, used iPhones retain their value for longer and can be worth hundreds of dollars off the price of a new model. Or just exchange them for an Apple gift card.

See the trade-in value for your iPhone

iPhones are expensive but hold their value. A device from several years ago can still be traded in for a welcome amount. That’s unlike Androids, which typically depreciate quickly.

But older devices don’t hold their value forever. And Apple this week lowered what it pays for used iOS handsets when they’re used as trade-ins.

It is the newer, more expensive devices that saw the biggest drops. While Apple was offering $650 for a used iPhone 13 Pro Max a few days ago, the amount has now dropped to $570. The iPhone 13 Pro also saw its trade-in value lowered by $80, in this case to $550.

However, not all older iPhone models experienced a decrease in value. And some reductions were small: the iPhone 11 Pro, for example, dropped just $20 to $230.

Check out the full before-and-after list to see what you could trade in your older iPhone for now.

Apple says your used iPhone is now worth less
Here’s what Apple paid for iPhone trade-ins a few days ago compared to what it pays now. (Click for larger image.)
Diagram: Apple/Cult of Mac

Bonus facts

The exact amount Apple pays for trade-ins depends largely on the condition. If the unit looks like one that has been through a war, it won’t get top dollar.

And keep in mind that you don’t have to be in the market for a new iPhone to sell your old one to Apple. The company gives you an Apple gift card that you can use on other products.


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