Apple Reportedly Wants Nothing To Do With The Metaverse

One source claims that the company’s long-awaited mixed reality headset will prioritize shorter experiences.

Last year rumors began circulating that Apple is developing its own combination VR / AR headset. As for when we can expect to get our fingers in this long-rumored mixed reality device, some sources reports a potential release date in 2022, though the company has not yet commented.

That said, whileApple CEO Tim Cook has listed that AR technology is “critically important” for the future of the company, it seems that they have little or no interest in “metavers, “aka the future of everything.

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In Mark Gurman’s latest “Power On” newsletter to Bloomberg, Apple and the consumer technology expert argue that Apple has little or no interest in bringing the meta-verse to its mixed reality hardware and will instead focus its efforts on delivering shorter experiences that are best enjoyed in small “outbursts”. These experiences can include everything from interactive games to communication and navigation apps to name just a few.

“I’ve been told quite directly that the idea of ​​a completely virtual world where users can escape to – just as they can in Meta Platforms / Facebook’s vision of the future – is off-limits from Apple,” Gurman said in his newsletter.

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If true, Apple would be one of the few immersive technology companies not interested in establishing its own virtual world. Whether it’s social VR experiences like Metas Horizon worlds, AR-based ecosystems such as Niantics Lightship AR Developer Kit, or NFT-powered platforms such as Sandboxes, it’s hard to ignore the metaverse’s growing potential as a groundbreaking communication, marketing and entertainment tool.

While little is known about Apple’s mysterious mixed reality device, rumors of a potential price of $ 1,000 has begun to circulate. Hopefully we learn more during the company’s next virtual event which is expected to take place in March-April.

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