Apple Music looks set to take on Spotify on PlayStation 5

However, it is not ready yet.
Photo: Holywars1990 / Reddit

It looks like Apple Music is on the verge of competing with Spotify on PlayStation 5, with some users seeing an option to download the app when creating a new user account on Sony’s latest home console.

Apple and Sony recently teamed up to give PlayStation 5 owners six months of Apple TV + for free, so an Apple Music app would not be completely out of the blue. However, it seems that it is not quite ready to roll out yet.

Apple Music on its way to PlayStation 5?

“I created a new account on my PS5 and wanted to connect my Spotify, but then I can see this,” wrote a user on App Music subreddit, who posted a photo showing Apple Music as a streaming option along with Spotify.

However, when they tried to download the apparent Apple Music app, they were met by an error saying “the app can only be played on PS4.” This is the default message that a PS5 displays when a particular title is missing.

Eurogamer was able to verify that Apple Music actually appears as a streaming option when you create a new user account on PlayStation 5. It only appeared when the region was set to US, and again it was not available for download.

Apple Music is already available on smart TVs

So it looks like Sony is preparing to roll out Apple Music on PlayStation 5 right away, but it’s not quite ready to roll out yet. It is not yet clear what the app will look like or where it may be available when it goes live.

Apple Music is already available on Apple TV and other set-top boxes as well as smart TVs. It’s likely that the PS5 app will share the same interface, which is very similar to the Apple TV video app.

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