Apple e-bike proposal – is this something you’d like to see?

Apple e-bike proposal – is this something you'd like to see?

The Apple Car project has gained renewed interest recently, but it is being suggested today that an Apple e-bike could be even more interesting.

I want to start by saying that I’m not convinced that this makes sense as a product category for Apple – but after trying the most Apple-like electric bikes earlier this year, an Apple eBike is still something I personally would love to see …

TNW‘s Napier Lopez does the thing.

I admit it, an Apple car would be cool, and I’m very curious to see what Cupertino’s view of an electric vehicle is. But do you know what I think would be even more interesting, more effective and better for the planet than an Apple car?

And Apple ebike. Or should I say … iBike?

I bet Apple will market its car around environmental benefits. But it just takes a little research – and common sense) to show that electric bikes are a better solution than cars in many places, especially cities.

Interestingly, Lopez is generally not an Apple fan. The reason he would like to see the Cupertino company do it is because he thinks it would make e-bikes cool and create the impetus for proper investment in cycling infrastructure.

The lack of proper bicycle infrastructure is one of the biggest obstacles to bicycle adoption, especially in the United States. Apple can help change that.

I’m not a personal fan of most Apple products, but there are few companies that are as capable of influencing cultural change as Apple. While many companies may have been referred to as “ebikes apple”, there is only one Apple. It’s not hard to imagine what an iBike can mean to improve the cycling infrastructure around the world.

First, people just wanted to buy more bikes in the first place. They would buy an iBike for the mere fact that it is an Apple product. Of course, it also depends on the performance, but there are few Apple products that do not excel in or dominate market share in their respective categories.

The company’s popularity, impact, and lobbying power could force cities to expand their cycling infrastructure, much in the same way that the iPod changed the music industry and the iPhone changed the Internet.

I started as something of an e-bike skeptic and saw them as something for 94-year-olds. But trying a few of them myself and chatting with friends has completely changed my attitude. I now do not see e-bikes as a replacement for man-made bikes, but as a third vehicle category that combines the best of both cycling and light motorcycles.

They can go wherever normal bikes can, but also allow you to get somewhere without getting sweaty. In fact, I’m even doing a Swytch conversion on my Brompton, precisely because it lets me ride it as either a human-powered or e-bike, depending on my needs at the time.

The VanMoof S3 has many of the features I would expect from an Apple eBike:

  • Cool design
  • Display and light are both integrated in the frame
  • Bluetooth or app-controlled locking and unlocking
  • Alarm that sounds on the bike and on your iPhone
  • Built-in Find My functionality
  • Automatic transmission (hated the idea, loved reality)
  • App-controlled gear configuration

From Apple, I also expect a very nice way to mount any iPhone, of course with wireless charging.

How interested would you be in an Apple e-bike? Please take our vote and share your thoughts in the comments on what you would expect from the company.

Concept image: BaoPham Design

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