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Apple Customers in Turkey Being Turned Away at Retail Stores as Halt on Product Sales Continues

Apple Customers in Turkey Being Turned Away at Retail Stores as Halt on Product Sales Continues

Apple customers in Turkey are being rejected in retail stores by staff after the halt to online product sales in the country, although the exact reason for the sales stoppage in the stores is unclear.

According to macReports, the halt is due to rapid currency fluctuations, as the Turkish lira has fallen sharply in recent days, and store staff tell customers that normal sales operations will resume once the Turkish economy stabilizes.

Other things Turkish sources has claimed that stores have sold products today and that any stop is simply due to stores running out of stock to sell, a supply chain situation that has been going on for some time and has regularly resulted in Apple stores restricting in-store sales.

Apple Store Turkey 2

Photos shared by macReports show customers waiting outside two Apple Stores in the country’s largest city, Istanbul. According to the report, customers with service agreements are monitored, while customers who want to buy products are rejected. Retailers also reportedly tell customers that when sales resume, a price increase on products can be expected due to the Turkish lira collapsing.

apple shop tyrley 3

Apple stopped selling products in Turkey yesterday after a historic economic collapse, which resulted in the Turkish lira falling 15%. At the time of writing, a Turkish lira is equivalent to about 0.082 US dollars. We have contacted Apple for a statement.

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