Apple could re-release new Home app architecture soon

iOS 16.2 brings a new home architecture upgrade option.

Apple’s new HomeKit architecture may soon be relaunched.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Apple hasn’t disclosed the updated underlying architecture for the Home app. After initially pulling the upgrade, the company is working on version 2 of the architecture and may release it soon.

The company first released the optional Home app upgrade with iOS 16.2 and macOS Ventura 13.1 in December 2022

Apple has already pulled the HomeKit upgrade once

However, shortly after release, there were reports of HomeKit accessories stuck in “upgrade” or “configuration” status. This prompted Apple to pull the upgrade, although the architecture made a comeback in the iOS 16.3 beta. Now, new code spotted by two Twitter users points to the company’s ongoing work on the second iteration of the Home app upgrade.

The code indicates that Apple has not abandoned its new Home architecture. Instead, the company is working to iron out all the bugs and plans to re-release the upgrade soon.

It’s unclear what changes and improvements Apple is making with the underlying architecture change in the Home app. The company promises that the upgrade “will improve the performance of your home.” The new architecture may be related to the company adding Matter support to HomeKit and iOS.

Wait before upgrading to the new HomeKit architecture

The upgrade to the Home app’s underlying architecture is a one-way process. It is not possible to roll back to the older version once the update is complete. So if you rely heavily on the Home app to control your smart home, consider waiting for early feedback before upgrading to the re-released architecture.

Currently, it is unclear when Apple will push the revised Home app architecture to iPhone users. Initially, it should be available as an optional upgrade before the company rolls it out to everyone.


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