CEO Tim Cook did an interview with this week China Dailywhere he once again commented on the future of augmented reality and hinted at Apple’s work with an AR / VR headset.

apple ar headset concept 2
Cook said Apple is excited about the possibilities available with augmented reality, which is not far from previous comments he has made, but he went on to say that people should “stay tuned” to see, what Apple has to offer.

I’m incredibly passionate about AR, as you may know, and the crucial thing for any technology including AR is to put humanity at the center. And that’s what we’re focusing on every day. Right now, for example, we have over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store that provide AR experiences to millions of people around the world.

I believe despite that, we are still at the beginning of how this technology will evolve. I could not be more excited about the opportunities we have seen in this room and stay tuned and you will see what we have to offer.

Although Apple has not confirmed its work on an AR / VR portable device, rumors have been circulating about it for years now. Apple’s headset is expected to offer mixed reality technology, with a curved visor and soft mesh that fits against the face. It will be lighter than other headsets on the market, and will use an Apple Watch-like strap to hold it in place.

It is rumored that the headset has two 4K micro-OLED screens, 15 camera modules, powerful processors similar to the M-series chips, eye tracking features, hand gesture support and spatial sound. When launched, the headset could cost somewhere around $ 3,000.

Apple is expected to debut the headset as soon as next year, and has already demoted it to board members, suggesting it is nearing completion.

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