Apple adjusts the trade-values of many products, including the iPhone 13

Apple is not particularly known for its generosity. This wouldn’t be a big problem by itself, but when combined with the fact that the Cupertino company’s devices are notoriously expensive, it can sting.

One way users can save on a new one Apple product is dealing with their old technology. How much this can bring the price down varies greatly depending on exactly what you’re trading in. In fact, Apple routinely adjusts trade-in value estimation.

Now, a few months after the launch of the iPhone 14 lineup, the Cupertino company has completed this well-known exercise once again. The adjustment primarily concerns smartphones, including previous iPhone models. iPad trade-in values ​​remained the same.

This change was first noticed by MacRumors, which has published a dedicated article on the matter. Older iPhone models have lost up to $80 of their estimated trade-in value.

That The iPhone 13 series was particularly hard hit. The high end iPhone 13 Pro and The iPhone 13 Pro Max both lost $80 off their trade-in value. They are also the only 2 models from 2021 that Apple did not stop after the launch of the iPhone 14.

That iPhone 13 and The iPhone 13 mini, which users can still buy directly from Apple, has new trade-in values ​​of $400 and $350, respectively. Interestingly, the value of Apple’s smallest iPhone was cut by only $30.

It should be noted that the exchange value of iPhone SE 3 (2022) remained unchanged. This lends further credence to the reports indicating that a successor is not in the company’s immediate future plans.

One of the few products whose value actually increased was the original Apple Watch SE from 2020, which got a successor last year. All in all, these adjustments seem reasonable in the grand scheme of things. Especially when you look at the exchange value of The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which comes in at just $305.


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