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As of: November 14, 2023 7:34 a.m

In order to take action against anti-Semitism, all parliamentary groups represented in the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament have agreed on a 10-point plan. The focus is on educational offerings.

Anti-Semitism, hate speech and calls for violence against Jews should have no place in society, emphasize the CDU, Greens, SPD, FDP and SSW in their joint motion. It goes on to say: “The commitment to and commitment to Israel’s right to exist and the safeguarding of Jewish culture at the center of our society are non-negotiable basic principles of political action in the Federal Republic of Germany.”

Combating anti-Semitism should be part of the school law

The factions are therefore calling for an educational offensive to provide information about Jewish life and to educate about anti-Semitic narratives. That’s why they have one 10-point plan suggested. According to this, among other things, the school law should be changed and the commitment against anti-Semitism, racism and group-related misanthropy as well as against the revival or spread of National Socialist ideas should be anchored as an educational goal.

Middle East conflict as part of the curricula

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Teaching takes place in a class at the Schleswig Vocational Training Center.  © NDR Photo: Oliver Kring

Since Hamas’ attack on Israel, educators say the problem has worsened. This is being increasingly discussed in lessons at some schools in the country.

This also includes including the history of the State of Israel and the Middle East conflict in the curricula. How anti-Semitism can be countered and prevented should be discussed during the teacher training course. Materials and platforms for teachers on these topics should be improved and further training offered. In addition, trips to memorial sites and projects on November 9th, the day of the Reichspogromnacht and January 27th, the day of remembrance of the victims of National Socialism are to be promoted. The state government should also review the curricula and examination regulations of all training relationships in the state public service to ensure that they anchor the free democratic basic order and combat anti-Semitism, racism and group-related inhumanity.

The state government should support the development of offers

In general, the state parliamentary groups demand that the state government supports political and local political education providers in developing offers against anti-Semitism. In addition, various existing activities and networks should be reviewed and bundled. The working group set up in August to develop the state action plan against anti-Semitism is intended to involve actors from politics, society and science more closely.

The groups write that these measures are necessary to combat anti-Semitism. This is a task for society as a whole.

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Two people hold the flag of Israel in the air during a demonstration.  © NDR Photo: Fabian Boerger

The number of anti-Semitic incidents in our country is increasing. Jews in Schleswig-Holstein are afraid.

Education Minister Karin Prien, CDU.  © NDR

The current events are relevant for schools not least because many children and young people are also among the victims of the attacks, said Minister Prien.

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