Anker CEO: Charging speeds to fall to 20 minutes with new GaN chargers



Anker’s CEO, Steven Yang, was interviewed recently and said charging time will drop to 20 minutes thanks to a new generation of Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers. The technology is already being used by companies like Apple, and more phone manufacturers are expected to switch over in the near future.

The edge conducted an interview with Steven Yang, CEO of Anker, which revealed some of his predictions and how Anker handles chargers, certification programs, and how the technology would evolve in the coming months and years to come (via 9to5Mac). The interview focused mostly on the company itself, but there were some charger and Apple related issues.

Yang was asked how Anker’s sales were affected when Apple stopped including them in the box.

“Yes – [we sell] much more because this is a new category. In the past, many users did not buy a charger by themselves. According to our survey, about 50 percent of these users still just go back to using their old chargers because they have saved some over the years. But more and more people are starting to shop for individual chargers. ”

Yang also said that there is a tendency for higher watt chargers due to fast charging methods used by a large number of manufacturers. He also said the technology would improve further in the coming years, thanks to the advances made with GaN technology.

“We sold a lot of GaN chargers already in the last few years, and we launched the second generation – we call them GaN2 – earlier this year. GaN2 chargers can now also provide 65 watts in a very small cubic space. We are actually launching GaN3 next year, which will bring the charger size even smaller and also increase the power rating.As you can probably see, devices are becoming more power consuming and charging at higher speeds.Ten years ago there were 5 watt chargers.So it was 10 and Apple has set it up to 20. The other Android brands brought it up to 40-60 watts.I think it is not a customer friendly approach to talk about watts.Instead we are talking about charging time.

The charging time used to be about three hours, but it has been reduced to about an hour and 20 minutes with the 20-watt chargers and then reduced to about 30-40 minutes with the 40-60 watt chargers. Even more adventurous brands make 120 watts, which would get the phone fully charged in less than 20 minutes. “

The full interview can be read on The edge.


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