Animal Crossing Streamer Hosts Squid Game With Big Bells Prize

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons the content creator has devised their own Octopus game competition in the Nintendo game. The YouTube streamer invited players to their island to join a series Crossing animals mini-games, and while the competitors did not play for their lives, they played for an impressive 99,000 Bell prize.

Netflix’s Octopus game is one of the year’s biggest shows that captivates viewers with its dark premises and narrative twists. The Korean drama focuses on a series of competitive games where players compete for a cash prize where those eliminated from the games also lose their lives. The show has been a global success, having spawned countless fan-made video game recreations in releases, including GTA Online, Roblox, The Sims 4, and of course the players have also reinvented Octopus game in Crossing animals.

Streamer and YouTuber Nikachu have created their own competitive Animal Crossing Squid Game, with seven of their viewers invited to their island to participate in three mini-games. First is “Red light, green lightgames seen in the first section of Octopus game. I Nikachus Crossing animals version, Nikachu plays the ocarina as participants attempt to reach a Face-Cutout Standee, with players eliminated if caught in motion when the music stops. The second game pits teams against each other to pick flowers, while the final showdown puts a simple spin on the Squid Game itself, where players must push their opponent out of a square to win. The result is a fun sweet recording of the dark Netflix show, with Octopus game-inspired custom designs used everywhere.

Watch the video on YouTube here.

Lack of gameplay is one of the biggest criticisms of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but as the content creator has shown in their video, the game’s tools can be used for player fun using a little imagination and inspiration. Other popular mini-games that can be made for multiplayer madness in AC include treasure hunts where players must search for a prize in an area filled with buried garbage as well as races and obstacle courses. Nikachu’s channel is filled with inspiring and fun videos that are perfect for re-introducing fun Crossing animals players who have grown tired of the core game.

Fans of the game hope November is new Crossing animals content helps add more gameplay and more ways to enjoy the game. The update welcomes the coffee-loving NPC Brewster and his Roost Cafe New horizons for the first time, but could also add even more gameplay elements, objects and design tools to help creative players create new and exciting ways to experience ACNH. An Crossing animals Nintendo Direct is scheduled for this week and will announce what’s coming to the game in the future.

Source: YouTube / Nikachu

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