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Posted by Patricia Correa, Director, Global Developer Marketing

Over 2.5 billion people come to Google Play every month to find apps and games created by millions of companies from around the world.

#WeArePlay celebrating you: the global community of people behind these companies.

Each of you making an app or a game has a different story to tell. Some of you have been coders since childhood, others are beginners who got into technology later in life. Some of you are based in busy cities, others in smaller cities. No matter who you are or how different your story is, you all have one thing in common – you have the passion to turn an idea into a company that influences people all over the world.

Now and in the coming months, #WeArePlay will celebrate you by sharing your stories.

We start the series with the story of Yvonne and Alyssa, the London-based mother and daughter duo who created Frobelles – a costume game that increases the representation of African and Caribbean hairstyles.

You can now also discover the stories of friends Ronaldo, Carlos and Thadeu from Hand Talk Translator (Brazil – my home country!), Art lover Zuzanna from DailyArt (Poland) and the traveling couple Ina & Jonas from TravelSpend (Germany).

To all apps and gaming companies – Thank you for being part of the Google Play community. Your dedication and ambition help millions of people learn, connect, relax, train, find jobs, give back, laugh, have fun, escape to fantasy lands and more.

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