Airtel, Jio and vi Annual Prepaid Plans Show Changes in Streaming Benefits

The significant change that has taken place in the tariff plans for Airtel, Vi and Jio after the recent price increase is the changes in streaming benefits of their annual prepaid plans.

Disney + Hotstar’s one year mobile subscription is given under Airtel’s annual prepaid plan at Rs 3359. The same is offered under the Rs 3119 annual prepaid plan by Jio. In the case of Airtel, it provides 30 days of trial access to Amazon Prime also under its plan. On the contrary, Jio offers access to its streaming apps JioTV and JioCinema under the plan. As for Vi, the Disney + Hotstar plan is provided in its 3099 Rs annual prepaid plan along with its own Vi Movies & TV streaming services.

In terms of data, call and SMS benefits, Airtel’s prepaid subscription of Rs 3359 provides 2 GB of daily data, 100 SMS and unlimited calls per day. After data quota, the speed will be reduced to 64 Kbps for the users. Similarly, after SMS limits, Airtel will charge Rs 1 per local SMS and Rs 1.50 per STD text message.

In the case of Jio, the annual prepaid plan of Rs 3119 provides 2 GB of daily data (with an additional 10 GB but total data limited to 740 GB), along with unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS per day. The other benefits include JioSecurity and JioCloud.

We, on the other hand, provide several data benefits among the three. The daily data, call and SMS limits offered under its annual prepaid subscription of Rs 3099 are 1.5 GB daily data, 100 SMS and unlimited calls. In addition, the telecommunications company provides night data without restrictions from kl. 12:00 to 6.00. The user can also transfer unused data for the weekend. 2 GB of backup data is also provided every month. The same free unlimited night data and weekend data rollover benefits are also offered under Vi’s Rs 2899 annual prepaid plan. However, there are no Disney + Hotstar benefits under the said plan.

Other annual prepaid plans for Airtel, Jio and Vi

Airtel has two additional annual prepaid plans that cost Rs 2999 and Rs 1799. The Rs 2999 plan offers 2 GB of data per day, unlimited calls and 100 SMS per day. There are no streaming benefits other than a 30-day free trial for Amazon Prime in the plan. The data rate is reduced to 64 Kbps after the limit. Text messages across the border will also be charged at 1 Rs per. local text and 1.50 Rs per. STD.

Airtel prepaid plan at Rs 1799 provides 24 GB data benefit, after which the telecom provider will charge 50p / MB. Other benefits remain the same as Airtel’s 2999 Rs plan.

In addition to the Rs 3119 plan, Jio has three additional annual prepaid plans, to Rs 2545, Rs 2879 and Rs 4199. The validity of all three plans is 365 days except for the Rs 2545 plan, which has only 336 days of validity. Rs 2545 Jio prepaid plan offers 1.5 GB daily data (504 Gb in total), along with 100 SMS / day, unlimited calls and Jio streaming services JioTV and JioCinema. The plans Rs 2879 and Rs 4119 offer 2 GB and 3 GB data per day respectively. Other benefits remain the same as for the Rs 2545 plan.

We have another annual prepaid plan in addition to Rs 3099 and Rs 2899 plans, to Rs 1799. Its Rs 1799 plan offers 24 GB of data, unlimited calls and 3600 SMS (100 SMS / day) and Vi streaming services Vi film og TV. This plan has no free night data or weekend data rollover deals.


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