AirPods Pro 2 review roundup: Better sound and ANC for the same price

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Second-generation AirPods Pro reviews are here, and they say industry-leading audio and ANC make these hard to miss for iPhone owners.

Apple announced the updated AirPods Pro on September 7 during their Far Out event. They ship to customers on Friday, September 23rd.

The second-generation earphones are referred to simply as AirPods Pro, and they have twice as much noise reduction and a new Adaptive Transparency feature.

CNET calls the AirPods Pro 2 the best earphones you can buy. They say the design needs an update, but all the features have been improved.

The longer battery life, significantly improved sound and ANC and the new charging case make these updated earphones hard to beat. They are not perfect, but they are more fully developed compared to the first generation.

The H2 processor powers all the new updates

The H2 processor powers all the new updates

The edge says the design makes some people wonder, “is that it?” when referring to the second generation model. However, everything else has been upgraded for the better.

The sound quality is better, the ANC is improved and the volume is welcome. These features and the new charging case add to a product fans have been waiting for.

However, these are not best-in-class earphones, as stiff competition in the area has made the AirPods Pro less of a standout. They’re not the best-sounding earphones on the market, and class-leading ANC belongs to Bose.

TechCrunch says you won’t want to take AirPods Pro 2 out of your ears. Owners of working first-generation AirPods Pro may not need to upgrade right away, but the array of updates and industry-leading sound quality make these a must-have for iPhone owners.

Noise cancellation strives to remove all noise from an environment, and it worked well on an airplane. Although some competitors may have the advantage here.

The new Adaptive Transparency works great for removing loud noise while maintaining environmental awareness. This mode is convenient when walking around New York.

Apple did not update the AirPods Pro 2 design

Apple did not update the AirPods Pro 2 design

Overall, the new AirPods Pro are excellent. The $249 price tag is steep, but these are earphones you’ll want to carry with you for the long haul.

Engadget says the lack of a redesign may leave some people disappointed, but all the internal changes and the same $249 price make them a worthwhile update. These AirPods Pro are very different from the previous generation.

Adaptive Transparency Mode offers the most natural-sounding ambiance compared to the competition. ANC is knocked out of the latest Bose QuietComfort, and Sennheiser offers best-in-class sound quality, but Apple has a wider feature set.

YouTube personality UrAVgConsumer unboxed the AirPods Pro and gave some vivid impressions of the earphones’ sound quality. He found the new features impressive like ANC and sound quality.

Compared to the original AirPods Pro, he describes the ANC update as night and day. It certainly sounds like noise reduction has improved a lot, but it’s hard to tell if it beats the competition. At least they are on par with the latest Sony earphones.

The overall sound is better and noticeable. He describes it as a fuller sound with more bass.


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