AirPods Could Measure Your Skin Temperature in the Future

AirPods dominate the market for wireless earphones despite their high price. However, Apple plans to take things in stride and equip the laptop with heat and fitness-related features in the coming years.

According to a report, the Cupertino giant is reportedly investigating three ways to turn AirPods into soup-up health equipment. First, Apple is trying to improve hearing, which would be an extension of the Conversation Boost and Live List features. These features that identify and amplify sound from people talking around you were released in October.

The report cited a specific new FDA regulation that would allow the iPhone maker to market AirPods as hearing aids. The rules “allow the sale of a new class of cheaper hearing aids directly to consumers for the treatment of mild to moderate hearing loss.”

The second health-related function being studied is related to measuring body temperature from inside the ear. The company seeks to enable this functionality by integrating a skin temperature sensor like the one on the Apple Watch, into the body of an AirPod. It did not explicitly reveal how it plans to integrate such a sensor into AirPods.

Finally, the company is looking for a way to monitor posture and ergonomics using AirPods. The report mentioned that the feature would make use of “motion sensors in the earplugs to warn users about slouching and to improve their posture.”

Rumors of third generation AirPods have been circulating for a while now. In fact, Apple is expected to launch them at the “Unleashed event scheduled for October 18. The report casts doubt on this, saying that the above features” are not expected by next year. “

What do you think about this? Would that be a laudatory innovation or has Apple been heading up a dead end here? Drop a comment and let us know!

[Via Wall Street Journal]

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