AI-Powered Shopify: The Smarter Way to Sell

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a technological tide in the digital advancement of e-commerce. It is not just a tool or a pure function. Instead, it is a complete solution for people who either want to start their online store or want to renew existing services in this area.

Shopify is quite popular for its unique online store designs, branding tools, customized services and applications for making insightful decisions based on real-time reporting and other ready-made applications.

You can also develop your brick store with a Shopify POS system and related items.

It provides its users with scalable business opportunities, cross-site and social media sales opportunities. You can even connect your online store with your traditional store via a unified system.

Currently, Shopify tops the e-commerce industry due to its unique services.

How does Shopify help make e-commerce easier?

Shopify offers user-friendly services to enhance the business experience. The e-commerce service provider engages users with many facilities such as:

Affordable packages for small businesses includes a $ 9 lite version of Shopify that small businesses can use on Facebook for marketing and jump start their own businesses with fewer resources.

Easy to use Features provide a sense of power and control over the business, especially for startups. For example, its ‘commonly used features’ feature allows new store owners to easily design their online store and start selling.

The automated sales option helps you take repetitive tasks by the head. Since customers also prefer automation, it helps you stay ahead of your operations, e.g. Automatic disappearance of the product from the shelf when it is sold out.

Painless box with Shopify payment gateway or several other gateways is one of the best features.

Grocery tools such as reports and analytics help you keep track of profits and other metrics and make decisions accordingly.

Marketing tools such as custom gift cards, product reviews help increase their sales.

Integration of social networks, Facebook sales, Facebook ads, Google ads, discount codes and coupons and other enticing options are interesting ways to retain customers.

Shopify app development makes it easier to operate stores, tailor-made integration of e-commerce stores, manage inventory and fulfill orders on time and on the go.

Customer relationship management offered by Shopify is a content management system for managing your blog and social media and third-party application integration.

How does artificial intelligence make Shopify smarter?

The shopping experience is changing with the use of AI in e-commerce. Analytics based on large datasets collected from online stores customizes the shopping experience. The in-depth analysis has raised the performance standard for many companies. AI helps to understand why and how customers interact with specific products and the buying process. AI-based solutions are always useful for companies to understand and act according to implications from data reports.

The following factors are the most common in Shopify online stores:

A personalized experience helps your customer make decisions faster and interact with your store in several ways.

  • Targeted marketing and sales:

With the use of targeted marketing, you have the opportunity to grow exponentially.

Sending tailor-made emails at just the right time affects customers and drives sales.

Quick marketing helps you with targeted solutions that can help save time and show instant results.

AI-powered chatbots are a great way to engage customers and understand their needs.

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Applications for Your Shopify Store

Using AI applications, you can get more from your Shopify store. AI-driven decisions, intelligent use of data, insight and direction can target a much larger and direct segment of potential buyers. With many applications using Machine Learning at full throttle to enhance everyday experiences, Shopify is no exception.

We have gathered information on some of the best applications that use artificial intelligence that can help flourish and scale the diversity of your business.

MorphL AI offers in-depth access to a range of machine learning models that you can implement in your customer’s purchase cycle. It is able to drive the decision making process, the customers’ buying experience and the growth of potential customers.

The app works on the following models:

  • Uses search intent
  • Shopping deer
  • Next order value
  • Abandoned wagons
  • AI-based segmentation
  • Recommendation

All of these models work on data collected from your store traffic and customer behavior in full compliance with AI confidentiality and data set rules. For this purpose, you need to provide large datasets to make accurate decisions instead of just estimates. Therefore, we recommend connecting MorphL to Shopify Plus, as it has the potential to deliver 25,000+ tracked users monthly.

Cost: The app starts at $ 179 or $ 149 if you go for an annual payment after a 14-day trial period.


  • Access AI features with a single click
  • Integration with Google Analytics or Big quick
  • Modern and clean interface


  • Not suitable for small stores as it requires a large data set
  • Requires help from a developer for implementation

Creating a video can be time consuming and daunting. Videofy is an AI app that allows you to prepare a unique video by reusing images and metadata.

It is a free application that provides excellent editing, messaging and branding capabilities to ensure that the overall result is in line with the layout of your online store.

This can be an effective but interesting way to let customers stay longer in your store and interact with your product in meaningful ways.

Cost: For free



Signifyd is a unique and useful application that helps with detection and action against fraud. Since online stores are more prone to abuse or fraud, keep an eye on your customers and suspicious activities, especially when shipping unique items or expensive packages.

This is where Signifyd comes in. Powered by Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, you can keep track of customers and your precious things. The app helps you recover your items or identify such customers who abuse and commit theft in Shopify stores.

The agent console on your dashboard provides full transparency in all orders, reports and insight into all such orders so you can make effective decisions.

Cost: $ 1500 pr. Month after a 14-day trial period. EMEA store owners can request a separate price list, or you can call support for customized offers.


  • Receive a detailed overview of all customers and transactions.
  • Simple user interface
  • Full protection against fraud including manual reviews by experts on all issues


  • Expensive for owners of small shops.
  • AC Email Marketing Automation

A Shopify Active Campaign Email Marketing app is extremely useful for your content managers to send customized emails to such customers who have left their carts and possibly bring them back to the store by enticing them with discounts or other offers that may interest them .

The app’s machine learning trends help predict the best times to send emails to their customers, the app also helps with predictable text that makes customizing messages so easy, fun and efficient.

Cost: Fees $ 15 after a 14-day trial period and includes unlimited shipping, email marketing, automation and subscription for up to 3 users.


  • Provides more marketing features with ease of use and implementation
  • Tailor-made emails are a boon


  • The support response is slow
  • Can be expensive if you have more than 3 users required
  • Restart

This AI Shopify app connects to Facebook Messenger to talk directly to your customers instead of sending emails. You can easily expand your list using the tool.

110,000+ resellers use this app to increase the value of their shopping carts, increase their engagement and increase their sales while maintaining a good close relationship with their customers in the messenger app.

You can send:

  • Abandoned carriage reminders
  • Order receipts
  • Welcome messages
  • Product Review Requests and
  • Shipping details

Cost: $ 29 / month after a 28-day trial period


  • Easy to use and implement
  • A number of customized features to replace your email sequence
  • More integration options


  • Errors reported by customers
  • Only useful when most of your customers are active on Facebook

How to choose the best AI applications for your Shopify store?

Knowing AI applications is one thing, making a choice for your business is another challenge. There are many AI applications available for; store management, features, add-ons and issues.

However, you need to decide the number of apps you want to use, the greater the number of apps running in the background, the greater the impact on the store features. Some important points to consider:

Theme conflicts: Many users have reported thematic conflicts that disrupt their store features.

Consistency: Before making any decisions, first check if the apps are compatible with your store and are compatible with the backend applications.

Contact App Support: One way to make sure is to contact app support and run them on a part of your store or a small segment of your customers before you walk out of it.

Outrageous costs: Next comes the massive cost associated with these apps. Small stores cannot afford many of these apps due to exorbitant prices.

Large stores requires a more comprehensive AI solution for their large datasets and coherence in programming apps.

You must ask yourself the following questions before making the last call:

  • Are there any options that can be customized at the client end?
  • Do you need constant help from a developer to implement or repair apps?
  • Does the app come with reporting features and analytics dashboards?
  • Do you also need a mobile version of these apps to make it work in its entirety?
  • Any specific ML model that you need to implement on your data to produce results?

These questions would help you make smart choices, be informed about the technical issues of the applications and choose the right option for your Shopify store.

Rain production with AI & Shopify

Artificial intelligence has penetrated our lives in more ways than we can imagine. This is the right time to make long-term choices. Identify the potential for consciously implementing AI in e-commerce and experience its fruits in the form of more engaging, satisfied and loyal customers. The combination would pressure merchants to take final action on insights generated by intelligent data use and scale their business growth in more powerful ways than ever imagined.

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