After the controversy, Flor Vigna told behind the scenes of her intimate video with Luciano Castro

Flor Vigna explained why she uploaded the hot video with Luciano Castro (Instagram)

In the blink of an eye, what was meant to be an intimate moment between Flor Vigna y Luciano Castro It went viral on almost all social networks. Last Friday, the singer shared a racy video on her Instagram account in which she is seen with her partner. And although she deleted the material almost immediately, the networks exploded and she became the target of criticism. Given this situation, the current participant of the Dancing 2023 He decided to give details and explain what happened.

Through her Instagram account, the artist answered the question of a follower who asked her about the controversy and thus gave more details about how it happened. “It was all before this show, she was very nervous. Luchito was on tour and I was dying of love, I missed him a lot and I wanted to upload a video of us and cut the part that wasn’t there, I don’t know why by mistake only that part was uploaded at the end. When I finished the show and I realized I wanted to kill myself and I erased it at once, but they had already grabbed it from everywhere,” the young woman began detailing while accompanying her words with a fragment of the show in question.

After the controversy, Flor Vigna told behind the scenes of her intimate video with Luciano Castro

According to the artist, she wanted to upload only a fragment of the recording and capture the moment in which Castro puts his hands under her skirt, which was what was finally seen.

In fact, in the following story, the ‘Suelto’ singer told how she felt before that show she had to give and what was the moment she really wanted to show. “This was the part of the video I wanted to put up. Between the tour and our jobs we miss each other a lot, and sometimes a video helps you feel closer, sorry for the mistake and thanks to those who are always sending their beautiful energy“, she wrote alongside a video in which she and Luciano are seen hugging while he rests his head on her chest and she tenderly kisses his head. The images are accompanied by the song ‘Para Siempre’, by Benjamin Amadeo.

This moment is summed up another video that Vigna had uploaded days ago. In it you could see them lying in bed, one on top of the other. At that time, Castro appears to be naked while he rests and rests his hand on his girlfriend’s chest.

Both materials reveal a new profile in Castro’s career, who since he is in a relationship with the two-time Dancing champion, opened the window to his intimacy. In this way the actor emerged from the secrecy in which he moved and with which he had developed a good part of his artistic path. Thus he lent himself to the more spontaneous style of his girlfriend, something that was celebrated by the couple’s admirers.

Sabrina Rojas talked about the intimate video of Luciano Castro and Flor Vigna

However, among the many criticisms that the dancer received, she spoke Sabrina Rojasformer partner of the actor and mother of his children Emerald and Faust. Invited to the program Angel de Brito, LAM, The actress was consulted about the images. The model thought for a moment before rehearsing a response. “It’s hard for me to talk because it seems like I’m invited to talk about this,” said the panelist from The debatebefore passing judgment.

“I’m not going to tell you the truth,” he expressed at the insistence of the little angels. Instead, she agreed to give a “more television” version. “It is good that Flor thinks that there are two children, that there is a ten-year-old girl, that it is not good that they see her father putting his hand in her private parts.“, he noted in reference to Esmeralda and Fausto, the children he had with Castro.

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