After being imprisoned for 4 days… 3 urgent decisions regarding the dancer Houria

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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Cairo – Masrawy:

A legal source reported that the investigating authorities decided to imprison the famous dancer “Houria” for 4 days pending investigation, accusing her of arousing instincts and inciting vice.

The source added that the concerned authorities demanded that the submitted videos be examined, which accuse the dancer “Houria” of inciting immorality during her concerts on the North Coast, and they demanded that the videos of the concerts that the dancer performed last summer be examined.

It also demanded an explanation of whether or not Houria obtained a license to dance, as well as investigations into the facts of the accusation.

The security services arrested the famous dancer, Houria, after a report accusing her of broadcasting obscene videos on social media during dance parties on the North Coast.

Lawyer Ashraf Farahat said in a statement to Masrawy, today, Tuesday, that the arrest of the dancer “Houria” came as a result of a report submitted by the Community Cleansing Campaign, where the relevant agencies moved after examining the report and were arrested in Cairo.

“Farhat” revealed that he filed a report accusing the dancer “Houria” of deliberately arousing instincts and wearing revealing clothes through published videos in which the “dancer” dances during parties on the North Coast in a semi-nude manner, and performs provocative performances that show sensitive parts of her body with the intention of incitement and arousal. Promoting immorality and committing immoral acts contribute to spreading immorality in a way that is inconsistent with the values, traditions and customs of Egyptian society.

Farahat also accused her of misusing social media and wearing unauthorized dance costumes, noting that the relevant authorities are investigating the dancer after she was caught by anti-morals crimes detectives.

Dancer Houria performed many dance concerts during the last summer season, in the villages and resorts of the North Coast, and her photos and videos spread on social networking sites.

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