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Polyphony Digital has revealed the contents for the next update for Gran Turismo 7, ahead of its arrival on Thursday September 28, confirming the new vehicles heading to the game as well as other changes.

Of course it’s the new cars that fans will be most looking forward to getting their hands on, and they are exactly as we expected following studio founder Kazunori Yamauchi’s Tweet posted over the weekend.

That means we’ll be driving a new Gr.4 race car, a new, Nurburgring record-holding hot hatchback, and a new custom-built SEMA machine when the update arrives on Thursday, following the scheduled maintenance period from 0600-0800 UTC.

Unusually, all three cars are front-wheel drive models, and all three will be available permanently from the Brand Central car dealer, so you won’t be needing to rely on the dealership cycles elsewhere to get your hands on the cars. We’ll have to wait to find out the prices however.

Arguably the most important of the three is the Honda Civic Type R ’22. This is Honda’s current model, topping its performance-branded Type R range, adding a fourth Civic Type R generation to the game. It’s also set to be the star of its own esports series, launching this month.

Alongside it is another Civic, but this time something bespoke and a lot angrier. That’s the Garage RCR Civic, built by shop owner Phil Robles and the winner of the Gran Turismo Award at SEMA in 2017. It sports a 394hp turbocharged K24 engine, strapped into a lightweight EG Civic hatchback.

Finally there’s a new racing version of the current-generation Mazda 3 hatchback. Officially called the “Gr.4”, it’s based on the Super Taikyu Bio Concept racer campaigned by Mazda Spirit Racing and will slot into the category after which it’s named as part of the brand’s Manufacturers Cup stable.

Along with the three new cars, players will also be able to finally get free access to the Toyota GR Corolla and Toyota Himedic Ambulance that were introduced in last month’s update. Until now, these two vehicles were only available as special rewards for limited-time events, but they’ll now be added to Brand Central too.

That’s fortunate, as one of the two Extra Menu Books this month will require you to pick up the GR Corolla. Book 30, “Collection: GR”, focuses on Toyota’s sporting brand and needs you to own at least one example each of the GR Corolla, GR Yaris, and GR010 to complete. Porsche Supercars feature in the other collection, Book 29, with the 918, 959, and Carrera GT the required vehicles.

Aside from that, there’s also some new Scapes that involve the Nissan brand. 29 new locations will be added to the seven already available, exploring the company’s facilities.

Fans will likely be disappointed to learn that there’s no new track location or variation confirmed for this update. Some of the accompanying images for this update suggest it’s likely that an environmental refresh to Suzuka, which we saw at the World Series Showdown in Amsterdam, will feature but hasn’t been announced yet.

However the new circuit drought now extends to at least eight months since the introduction of Grand Valley in February 2023, assuming no further updates until late October.

We’re likely to see some new races added to the World Circuits section, however these won’t be confirmed until the update and its patch notes arrive on Thursday. New engine swaps are also likely, but again won’t be known until the update is available.

Further changes and features will also become known when the patch notes are available, and as ever there’s probably some details that will not make the notes and only surface through eagle-eyed fans on our forums — so watch this space for more!

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