Abu Ubaida: Israel does not care about the lives of its prisoners and failed a mini-exchange deal News


Abu Ubaida, the official spokesman, said Al-Qassam Brigades The military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movementagitation“Israel does not care about the lives of its prisoners and is procrastinating in concluding an exchange deal led by Qatari mediators.

In an audio speech broadcast by the Al-Qassam Brigades – today, Monday – Abu Ubaida revealed Israel’s request to release 100 women and children from its detainees in Gaza.

He added that The Al-Qassam Brigades informed the Qatari mediators that they could release 50 women and children in Gaza, and the number could reach 70, during a 5-day truce, in exchange for the release of 200 Palestinian children and 75 women.

He pointed out that the proposed truce is for the release of a number of Israeli detainees in Gaza and includes a ceasefire and allowing the entry of relief and humanitarian aid into all areas of the Gaza Strip, but the enemy is stalling and does not care about the lives of its captives, which led to the death of the prisoner soldier who was killed in an enemy bombing a few days ago.

Abu Ubaida warned “the enemy that the continuation of the air and ground aggression inevitably exposes the lives of its prisoners to danger every hour.”

Regarding field developments, Al-Qassam fighters confirmed the complete or partial destruction of 20 Israeli military vehicles within 48 hours.

He pointed out that “Al-Qassam mujahideen continue to strike the enemy by blowing up its tanks and armored vehicles and destroying its concentrations with mortar shells, causing injuries and deaths,” after monitoring and approaching Israeli vehicles and places where the occupation army soldiers were holed up.

He stressed that Al-Qassam fighters will continue to confront the Israeli forces penetrating the Gaza Strip, 38 days after the operation.Al-Aqsa flood“.

Abu Ubaida considered “the Zionist war leaders’ dreams of eliminating our resistance an attempt to escape the resounding defeat.”

He warned that confidence in the resistance “does not absolve every individual throughout our nation of his duty toward it.”

The post first appeared on www.aljazeera.net

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