A division in the Egyptian Council over Marwan Hamdy’s fate with the team

A state of division prevailed within the club’s board of directors EgyptianRegarding the fate of Marawan Hamdy, the team’s striker, some voices support the player’s departure from the club next January and benefiting financially from the sale of the player, while other voices support the player’s continuation in the team after he complies with the punishment imposed on him by the Board of Directors.

The Al-Masry Council had decided to suspend the player and refer him for investigation, while deducting one million pounds from the value of his contract with the club, after his behavior towards Al-Masry fans against Pyramids in the fifth round of the Egyptian League. NileThe player spat on Al-Masry fans during his substitution.

Marwan Hamdy continues his solitary training in Cairo on the sidelines of the team’s camp currently held in preparation for the resumption of league matches after the end of the international break.

The Egyptian club’s score stopped at point 9 in ninth place in the league competition table, after playing 6 matches, during which it achieved 3 victories and suffered 3 defeats, and Al-Masry players scored 7 goals and conceded 12 other goals.

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