9 phrases from Demichelis after River Plate’s victory: his gestures and that of the squad, the support of the people and the future of Germán Lux

River Plate returned to victory for the League Cup after the hard setback against Vélez Sarsfield in Liniers, which sowed all kinds of internal rumors. The alleged criticism of Martin Demichelis to some members of the team that had been leaked exacerbated the mood in an institution that, on the outside, seemed united. Therefore, this meeting before Arsenallast in the averages and the Annual Table and with a foot and a half in the First National, appeared as the best rival to achieve that injection of confidence necessary to deflect any type of rumor. It was a 3-win victory. 1 with a doublet of Miguel Borja and the rest of Nicholas De La Cruz.

The Colombian after scoring the first, with an incredible carom, hugged his coach in what was read as a sign of support. “I had told him a month ago, that I was going to celebrate the next goal with him. The support he has given me is very important. Yes, he spoke to me, he told me to do another one, ha,” the forward said after the match.

Demichelis himself also referred to this: “He didn’t need to give me a hug to know the great relationship and harmony we have at work, great respect. “This demonstrated that we were never in a fight since Rosario Central.” The DT referred to the supposed counterpoint with Borja after the coffee grower suggested on social networks, during the last Professional Football League that made River champion, an upset for having been a substitute against Rosario Central.

Micho not only talked about this situation with Borja, but also about the hug with Enzo Perez, who was replaced a few minutes from the end and left applauded by the entire audience. Besides, The coach waited one by one to congratulate his team for the victory. “All of us, the coaching staff, the players and leaders, the entire institution deserved a show of character and a post-Vélez reaction. We did it. The team trained phenomenally in these two weeks, at times I really liked it and we are going to continue working to recover that champion mystique. The team deserved to play very well and get the three points, I was very calm because I saw how the boys trained,” he acknowledged.

The coach also received this same support from the people. “We are all for the good of the institution. I am very grateful to the River fans who filled the stadium because the players need support to show that we are strong.” Meanwhile, regarding the rumor that his aide-de-camp German Lux could leave his position, as happened with the press chief Ricardo Dasso, he assured: “I ratify it one hundred percent.”

And explained: “Germán will be there as long as I am River’s coach. He is from the River House, he was a professional, he represented the Argentine national team, he was in the most glorious era with the best coach in River’s history, he contributes a lot and has a great behavior, he is super respectful, I don’t understand why that question. Rest assured that it will continue to be there, we are going to put a lot of emphasis on everything we have to correct for the good of the institution. Not for mine, but for the institution that is above all. “Everything is to get him back to the best place he has been.”

Other quotes from Demichelis:

“We had 10 bad minutes and 80 where the team was good. The rival with a 0-2 and with the need to add, went all or nothing and made us uncomfortable. We were able to solve it and we ended up even deserving another goal. We are the only team of 28 that scored 10 goals. “We are looking to be balanced in defense.”

Milton Casco’s entry: “I analyze the squad daily and Milton trained phenomenally in these two weeks. He had a very good first half in San Nicolás (friendly victory against U. Católica). He is ambidextrous but he projects better on the left and I had to make a difficult decision: take out Enzo (Díaz) or Santi (Simón).”

“I saw Lanzini much better, it is not easy to return from Europe and adapt quickly. I came from a long vacation, I really liked it today. “I am more involved and responsible when catching the ball.”

“Ramiro (Funes Mori), similar to Manu, comes from another football background, from years without being in Argentina. He had to play with Mammana, today with Paulo Díaz, he needs continuity to see what he is for. He ended up having a complete game.”

Five midfielders or rotation: “The system I like the most is the 4-3-3, because it can mutate, but it didn’t work in Vélez or last season, I’m not going to try ten games if I see that it doesn’t work. Today I decided to go back with five midfielders that I think make us feel more comfortable, because we are better surrounded.”

The Post 9 phrases from Demichelis after River Plate’s victory: his gestures and that of the squad, the support of the people and the future of Germán Lux
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