9 Best WordPress Plugins for 2023

How can software add-ons significantly impact website performance or give businesses a boost?

You’re figuring it out, and it’s a “feel good” tale complete with examples. The following applies to WordPress users. The software add-ons in question are WordPress plugins.

A best WordPress plugin is one that can perform a large or very important task. It is powerful, typically quite easy to work with. It is either compatible with or integrates with other WordPress tools.

Plugins you install on your site can add functionality. Can extend functionality, optimize SEO, boost speed and performance and more. Having the right set of best WordPress plugins ready can make a huge difference in the growth of your blog, website or business.

Check out these best WordPress plugins for your website building in 2023.

Brizy, is a website builder/theme builder for WordPress that offers an easy way to improve or add functionality to an existing website or even build a new one from scratch.

Brizy is fast, powerful, easy to use, and you can achieve what you want without having to worry about code. It’s great for beginners and non-techies, although technical types love it too.

  • Brizy’s Theme Builder is a great tool if you need to customize certain parts (or every part) of your site.
  • Theme Builder can also be used to create dynamic templates and special pages.
  • Since WooCommerce integration is included, you can customize all areas of your store page.
  • Choose one of Brizy’s 100+ high-converting, pre-made websites to get started, or import Brizy’s pages, blocks or pop-up designs in 1 click.
  • A White Label option is available to brand Brizy as your own.

Brizy is available to download and a Pro version is also available.

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You should feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction every time you can build a table or chart that will be of significant value to its user. If creating this table or chart required organizing and managing a huge amount of complex data, you might well have experienced something between mild frustration and total exhaustion.

66,000+ companies and individuals working with various types of complex data could tell you how this best-selling wpDataTables plugin made their work much easier due to its ability to –

  • choose from 4 card building engines
  • connect to multiple database sources
  • create responsive, informative and easily editable tables and charts
  • take full advantage of wpDataTables’ integration with Elementor, Divi, Avada and WPBakery
  • color code key information using the Conditional Formatting feature.

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When you add Amelia WordPress booking plugin functionality to a WordPress website design, amazing things happen. The website user is suddenly the owner of an automated booking system that flawlessly manages an unlimited number of appointment bookings, for an unlimited number of business customers, in multiple locations and from a single platform and dashboard.

Amelia is an excellent choice for customer-dependent businesses.

  • Customers can book appointments online 24/7.
  • Customers can be sent reminders via email and text messages or contacted via WhatsApp messages.
  • Events, group bookings, coupons and packages can be managed with Amelia.
  • Booking forms can be customized to match a company’s brand
  • The Amelia plugin supports WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, Mollie and Razor payments.

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Slider Revolution has evolved over time to become more than just a very popular WordPress slider plugin. Added features and functionality have transformed the Slider Revolution plugin into a WordPress tool that allows web designers to add spice and flair to their websites using –

  • cutting-edge animation effects
  • 250+ website and slider templates designed to impress

Slider Revolution is trusted by more than 9 million worldwide users.

LayerSlider has always been one of the best WordPress slider plugins for creating responsive sliders and popups. In recent years, it has evolved into a comprehensive tool for creating high-quality, animated, rich web content for any website.

With LayerSlider you can –

  • add amazing animations with just a few clicks to amaze your audience
  • create image galleries, landing pages, animated page blocks, parallax and scroll scenes, and even entire websites.

TheDock is a WordPress theme builder and editor designed to help teams get theme architecture right while streamlining their workflow. Themes built on the cloud promote easy team collaboration, perform excellently and are easy to maintain.

  • TheDock writes clean code for you
  • TheDock built themes have fast page loads

Key features include an auto alignment system, a template system, global UI components and a White Label builder.

Essential Grid is the best WordPress grid plugin to create a gallery that is the focal point of your site and not treated as just another page. Essential Grid helps you make this happen with its –

  • 50+ customizable grid templates
  • amazing grid layout options from boxed and full width to full screen layout to custom rows, columns and spacing.

Essential Grid galleries can also accept social media content from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo.

This WordPress Ad Manager plugin is easy to set up and get started, and offers an attractive array of ad sales, management, and display options.

Ads Pro highlights include –

  • Admin and front end user panels capable of successfully managing a large number of ads.
  • a frontend ad sales and management order form.
  • 25+ customizable ad templates, 20+ ad display options, 3 billing methods, 4 payment methods and click fraud and ad blocking protection.

This famous (100,000+ users) WordPress download manager enables its users to track and protect their file downloads.

With Download Monitor you can –

  • Track almost any type of file download – e.g. ZIP, PPT, XSLX and PDF.
  • Access aggregate file download statistics
  • Works seamlessly with Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Restrict Content PRO, LearnDash and Ninja Forms.

Download Monitor is the all-in-one solution for tracking file downloads on your website.

Plugins you install on your website can add features and extend functionality. Also optimize SEO, boost speed and performance and much more. Having the right set of WordPress plugins ready can make a huge difference. You can see the difference in the growth of your blog, website or business.

Choosing the right WordPress plugin can be critical to the speed, security and usability of your website. One or more of these 9 best WordPress plugins deserve to be an essential part of your web design toolkit.

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