8 Easy Ways to Make Your Bathroom Greener Without Spending a Fortune

There is a common misconception that it must be expensive to do one’s part to save the environment. To dispel that myth, we share eight inexpensive ways you can have a sustainable bathroom.

Reduce your bath time

One way you can start using your bathroom more sustainably is by looking at how much water you use daily, such as when you take a shower.

If you take a long bath, reduce the amount of water you use. Not only will it be more sustainable that way, but you will also save more money in the long run.

If you want, you can too install low flow shower heads it will still help you bathe freely, but the amount of water you use is controlled. That way, you still feel like nothing has changed with your water habits, you are still clean, but you did not end up using a lot of water to achieve it.

Wash your hair less often

As mentioned before, you can pay more attention to how much water you use in the bath to reduce water consumption. Washing your hair less often (not your body!) Is a great way for you to use less of your water resource while still benefiting your hair.

Aside from being a more sustainable way to use your bathroom, did you know that washing less often can make your hair thicker? In addition, reducing how often you bathe your hair can help make it less dry, significantly longer hair. Given all these benefits, there are good reasons why you should start washing your hair less often.

Ditch disposable bottles

Try as much as possible to get rid of disposable bottles for your toiletries. From your shampoo and conditioner to your lotion and soap, you should try to remove disposable items or packaging as much as you can.

There are shampoos and conditioners that help combat the use of disposable bottles.

But if you use certain products and can not skip them, you might as well buy them in bulk. That way, you can save money over time while reducing plastic as much as possible.

Replace your shower curtain

Many cheap and mass-produced shower curtains that people have easy access to are probably made using polyvinyl chloride or PVC.

As time goes on, PVC tends to release chemical gases and detectable odors that can harm the environment. Other than that, PVC is not recyclable they are not very sustainable.

Given the harmful effects of using a PVC shower curtain, be sure to choose to purchase PVC-free plastic shower. They are easy to find and widely available.

An even better alternative would be to get a shower screen instead of a shower curtain as these are long lasting and reusable.

Use an eco-toothbrush

There are now many eco-alternatives to many of the everyday items that use plastic in them.

For example, your toothbrush has disposable plastic that you can easily replace with a greener alternative. Bamboo toothbrushes are a better and more sustainable alternative to that.

Do you prefer to use electric toothbrushes? Fortunately, there are also greener alternatives to electric toothbrushes. Therefore, there is no excuse for not having an eco-toothbrush in your sustainable bathroom.

While you’re at it, you also get an eco-friendly toothpaste that matches your eco-toothbrushes.

Use organic washcloths

Many of the traditional cotton washcloths use harmful chemicals to make them. When trying to change your bathroom to become greener, make sure that you do not neglect to change washcloths, towels and so on.

Look for organic cotton towels that say they do not use pesticides with their cotton. Using organic towels and washcloths does not expose your skin to unnecessary chemicals and toxic materials.

Switch to non-toxic cleaners

You can also make your bathroom greener without spending a fortune by replacing your cleaning products.

Choose homemade or natural and cruelty-free alternatives. That way, you can still clean your bathroom without harming the environment.

You can either buy green cleaning products or make them yourself with household items.


Instead of just having a trash can inside the bathroom, you should also choose to have a smaller container for recyclable materials.

We probably place our recycling bins in places like the kitchen. But it makes us gentle and misses recyclable materials when we use certain things in the bathroom.

Adding an extra small recycling bin inside the bathroom can help you be more responsible with your recyclable materials. It also eliminates the need to sort your waste.

Final thoughts

Doing your part to save the planet does not have to be expensive and large. Often the solution is in your surroundings.

From do-it-yourself bathroom cleaners to reducing your shower time, there are a wealth of cost-effective ways to get a green bathroom. And you can always refer to this post if you are looking for eco-friendly ideas.

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