7 Educational Wikipedia Sister Sites for Students

Wikipedia is one of the most popular free online encyclopedias written and maintained by volunteer netizens. Using an open collaboration system creates and edits Wikipedia entries, creating a large repository of human knowledge that can be easily accessed anywhere, anytime. But what most of our students overlook is the fact that Wikipedia has many sister sites that also use the same system of open collaboration to cure and produce educational content. These sites are part of Wikimedia Projects, whose goal is to make knowledge available to everyone at no cost. In today’s post, I’ll share with you some of Wikimedia’s sites that I think students will find particularly useful.

This is a free online dictionary that allows you to search online in different languages ​​and across different platforms including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Wikiwix and MediaWiki.

Wikibooks is “a collaborative book authoring site where users from around the world work together to write textbooks and other types of instructional books on many topics. It is a Wikimedia project run by the same group of people who run Wikipedia,”

Wikiquote is “a free online compendium of quotes from remarkable people and creative works in all languages, translations of non-English quotes and links to Wikipedia for further information”.

Wikiversity is “a Wikimedia Foundation project dedicated to learning resources, learning projects and research for use at all levels, types and styles of preschool to university education, including vocational education and informal learning”.

Wikimedia Commons is “a media file repository that makes publicly available and freely licensed educational media content (images, audio, and video clips) accessible to anyone. It acts as a common archive for all Wikimedia projects, but the content can be used by anyone, anywhere, for any purpose. “

Wikivoyage is a “free worldwide travel guide that you can edit. Wikipedia’s official, non-commercial sister site to worldwide sightseeing, activities, cuisine, and accommodations.”

This is a free species catalog that is open for anyone to edit. It hosts over 700,000 articles covering Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Bacteria, Archaea, Protista and several other forms of life.

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