7 Easy Ways to Make Your Parking Lot Eco-Friendly

It is not uncommon for us to consider turning a car park into a sustainable space. After all, the only thing we need is a place where we can park our car.

But what if there is a way to expand sustainability in parking lots?

Are you curious about how to get an environmentally friendly parking space? Keep reading.

Use Pervious Concrete

A great way to make one sustainable parking space is looking at the materials you use to make the parking lot.

One of the best materials to create an environmentally friendly parking space would be passable or permeable concrete. Pervious pavers made of asphalt or concrete are better alternatives than an impermeable surface.

What is excellent about permeable concrete is that it will improve the drainage of your parking lot. Nevertheless, you need to know its disadvantages compared to other greener options.

Permeable concrete is more expensive to maintain. Other than that, it is not as durable or strong as other options. Although it has these drawbacks, it is still better than not having a green parking space.

It can filter rainwater and reduce runoff filled with pollutants.

Use environmentally friendly paint

One of the reasons you need to paint your parking lot is to make it visible, even at night. The painted marks around your parking space will ensure that your parking space has a sense of order.

That said, this means that you will need durable paint that will be able to withstand the constant friction from the car tires. Other than that, you want to make sure it is environmentally friendly as you are going to use it a lot in the entire parking lot. To avoid paints that release air pollutants, use those that do not have VOCs.

Volatile organic compounds or VOCs are toxic chemicals found on paints. If you are looking for an earth-friendly alternative, you can choose biodegradable paints made from natural materials. That way, you do not harm the environment if the paint is washed away.

Minimize the dimensions

Let’s face it: Parking lots are not the most eco-friendly structure found out there, even with eco-friendly materials. This is because you will need a lot of paved ground to make room for the vehicles.

If you want to be more environmentally friendly with your parking space, you should try to minimize the dimensions of the individual parking spaces.

Minimizing the dimensions of each parking space helps reduce the paved area that your parking space needs. Other than that, you can get more vehicles in your parking lot.

You can use the local parking codes to dictate the smallest dimensions that your parking space should have. These are more than helpful in ensuring that you can accommodate even the most bulky vehicles like SUVs.

Share the parking lot

Another way you can make the parking lot more environmentally friendly is by being more efficient with parking space consumption.

Consider sharing it with other residents or those working in nearby commercial areas. By sharing the parking space, you can make use of the plot instead of leaving it empty.

What you can do is make arrangements where one car owner can park during the day and another at night. And then you can ask them for a nominal parking fee.

Switch to alternative pavers

You can use alternative materials to make up your parking lot that are not asphalt or concrete. For example, you can instead use gravel, wood soil, natural stone and many more, all of which are more environmentally friendly materials.

Concrete is impermeable to rainwater, which means that there is no chance of rainwater being absorbed in any way. Instead, it just runs away. However, use alternative paving materials. They can help enhance a normal ecological life cycle by absorbing the water instead of letting it flow off and other pollutants.

Use direct rainwater runoff

Have a plan for what you want to do with rainwater. For example, you should install direct drainage channels around your parking lot. That way, you do not create water pools anywhere in the parking lot, as rainwater goes where it wants.

Planning helps you find a way to handle rainwater in a better way than letting it sit in your parking lot.

Consider pedestrian safety

The world is very car-centric, and if there is one structure that is very focused on cars, it would be parking lots. So if you want to make your parking lot sustainable, make sure you have sidewalks to keep pedestrians safe.

You want to make sure pedestrians can move quickly to and from businesses, even as they walk through the parking lot.

The sustainability tips listed above should help you have a safe and environmentally friendly parking space. That way, you can have a place to park your car safely without inflicting environmental damage.

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