60% of Americans blame fossil fuel companies for climate change

A recent poll showed that 60% of Americans believe gas and oil companies are to blame for the climate crisis. The study, commissioned by The Guardian, Vice News and Covering Climate Now, sought Americans’ views on the climate issue. The survey asked Americans from different social, political and ethnic groups about their views on specific climate issues.

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According to opinion polls published Tuesday, the United States remains divided on the climate issue. Some believe that the climate crisis is a real emergency that should be resolved, while others are still unsure of the matter. Despite a consensus among scientists that humans are the cause of the climate crisis, Americans have long been misled by gas and oil companies into believing otherwise.

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A recent study published in Nature showed that 99.9% of scientists globally agree that the climate crisis is caused by the burning of fossil fuels. They also agree that climate change is caused by humans. However, due to many years of false advertisements from gas and oil companies, many Americans believe that there is a lack of consensus in the scientific community. As climate change is viewed politically rather than scientifically, Americans remain at odds over it.

The recent poll showed that 89% of Democrats accept the scientific basis for climate change, while only 42% of Republicans agree that global warming exists. Among the 1,000 American adults surveyed, 70% agree that global warming is happening, while over 60% say the oil and gas companies are responsible for it.

The results come at a time when gas and oil companies are under pressure to pay for the damage caused by the industry. Several states and municipalities have initiated lawsuits with demands for salaries from gas and oil companies. In the poll, 60% of respondents say the industry must pay to improve infrastructure and make it resilient to climate change.

More than 80% of Democrats agree that global warming exists and point directly with an accusing finger at gas and oil companies. This percentage is even higher among people of color and youth.

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