5 Things For Getting Started In The VR MMO

Need help getting into the world of this latest VR MMO? See our Zenith tips for quick help.

As with any MMO, your opening hours in RamenVR’s multiplayer epic are likely to be quite overwhelming, with new systems and mechanics being thrown at you at a constant pace, and the game does not explain every single facet in small details. We have put together a quick guide to help guide you along the way during the start of the game.

Zenith tips

Swords or spells?

For the early game, Zenith’s character creation boils down to two major choices: do you want to use swords or spells? These are basically the game’s distance and melee classes, with the former arming you with two katanas and the latter giving you two projectile firing gloves. They will also determine the particular attacks known as Godstones that you will receive as you level up.

You can also decide if you want to focus on delivering a large amount of damage, providing support, or playing the role of a tank for a team, but you probably won’t get that far into the beta that this will be a deciding factor. possibility. Additionally, you can easily create new characters to try different builds.

Learn Godstone Gestures ASAP

Godstones is what really gives Zenith’s fight some VR-infused variation. They are gesture-based capabilities assigned to your regenerating MP meter, so you can only do a few at a time before they need to be recharged. When you get a new ability, go into your menu and tap the Godstones icon to find out what action or gesture it has been assigned. Sometimes it’s as simple as pressing the trigger when you have no weapon in your hand, sometimes you’ll have to hold a grip button and move your hand in a certain direction. They are the key to maximizing your damage early, so you want to keep a close eye on what is available and how to perform them.

Do not walk too far too fast

If you are familiar with MMOs, you will probably know that there are areas that a first-time player just should not go. You will encounter enemies too high a level without the right gear to tackle them properly. This is very true for even Zenith’s first few environments. When you get out of town, you want to focus on the first few square feet of field in front of you until you rise a few times. When you hit level 5, you will be strong enough to dispatch some enemies fairly quickly and can branch out to newer areas.

Party up (or go it alone)

Zenith Tips Add friend

Adding friends and partying to Zenith is pretty easy. If you are both on the right server, you want to find friends in the same virtual place, then just point to them, open a menu and click on ‘Add friend’. From there, you can enter the social tab on your own menu and party. When you’re at a party, check the mini-map on your left hand to get a quick overview of where your friends are (it’s a green icon, though it only appears if they’re close enough). Similarly, if you get annoyed by hearing people in the immediate vicinity talking to each other, go into the pause menus and tap the headphone icon (also the microphone icon if you want to mute the sound).

Need health? Get started baking

Food is your source of health in Zenith. You start with a handful of cookies, but when you finish them, how do you get more? The answer is to make them yourself. In your menu you will find a cooking icon. Select it, then press ‘Toggle Station’ (make sure you are in a safe place). This will create a surface where you can prepare dishes. Your starter recipe will be on several cookies, which require sugar, flour and milk. Once you have these, power the stove by inserting the battery floating in front of you into the socket at the front of the station. Sugar can be poured directly into a kettle and milk must be warmed in the pan. Flour is heated on a frying pan and you will need to throw it up in the air to avoid burning. Put the rest of the ingredients in the pan and you get a cookie. Lucky you.

And that’s our Zenith tip for getting started. Do you have other suggestions? Tell us in the comments below!


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