31 XR Projects Received Grants from Epic MegaGrants in 2021

Since 2019 Epic Games (known as the creators of Unreal Engine & Fortnite) has run the Epic MegaGrants program, a $ 100 million fundraiser for projects built with Unreal Engine. In 2021, the program awarded grants to 31 XR projects.

Epic recently summarized the complete list of MegaGrant recipients in 2021, including as many as 390 individual projects, each receiving a grant of up to $ 500,000 from the program

After our count, 31 one of them was built with XR in mind. The projects range widely from games to simulation to education and more. Here are a few that caught our attention, along with the complete list or XR receivers further down.

BRUNNER Electronics – Unreal Engine Integration for NOVASIM Flight Simulator

HumanCodeable – Advanced VR Framework

Tribe XR – DJ and VR

VRSpeaking LLC. – Ovation

All Epic MegaGrant XR receivers by 2021

  1. 6th Sense VR – Ayatana Concept (France)
  2. ALO VR – VigourVR (Singapore)
  3. Art Reality Studio – IVR 6 (USA)
  4. BRUNNER Elektronik AG – Unreal Engine Integration for BRUNNER NOVASIM VR / MR (Switzerland)
  5. b.ReX GmbH – Intelligent Cycling
  6. Byker Biotech Pty Ltd – VR Lab for 3D Human Samples (China)
  7. Dmitro Tsalko – EnergoVR (Ukraine)
  8. Eternal Monke Games – Dragon.IK – Universal Inverse Kinematics Plugin
  9. HumanCodeable – Advanced VR Framework (Germany)
  10. IMP – Interactive Media Production – VR Fire Safety Simulator
  11. Lightscape VR (Germany)
  12. North Carolina State University (NCSU) – transVRse (USA)
  13. ONMOTIO – In-depth technical training in inhospitable or dangerous zones using VR (Canada)
  14. Molecular Medicine Research Center (CeMM) – DataDiVR Interactive Data Analytics Platform (Austria)
  15. Tribe XR – DJ in VR (USA)
  16. University of North Carolina at Asheville – Unreally connects with physical computing and new media VR pedagogy (USA)
  17. Vantari VR – Critical Care Procedural Training Suite (Australia)
  18. VRSpeaking LLC. – Ovation (USA)
  19. Western University – Using AR / VR to Improve the Hospital Experience of Pediatric Surgical Patients (Canada)
  20. Raytracer PTY Ltd. – Underwater Virtual Reality Simulation for Astronaut Training (Australia)
  21. University of Pompeu Fabra – Mixed reality in fetal intervention using unreal engine (Spain)
  22. VYV Corporation – Photon Augmented Reality Studio (Canada)
  23. Lemay – AR Workflow from Revit to Reality (Canada)
  24. New Reality Co. – Rainforest: A Multiplayer AR Experience (USA)
  25. Oakland University – Augmented Reality Center (ARC) for Industrial Applications (USA)
  26. Marquette University – Immersive and Augmented Media Design Fellowship (USA)
  27. Brainstorm Multimedia SL – EDISON – Unreal Template Based AR Solution for Education (Spain)
  28. Createxion – Draw-It AR (India)
  29. University of Michigan – AR System for Lunar EVAs (USA)
  30. Visometri GmbH – HQ-CAD-AR on a moving car (Germany)
  31. RealityArts Studio / Velarion – The Stranger (Turkey)

Epic says MegaGrants awards are not investments or loans, and recipients can use the money to do “whatever will make their project successful,” without company oversight. In the same way, the recipients retain the full rights to their IP and can choose to publish their projects as they wish. If you’re working on something related to Unreal Engine, you can also apply for consideration!


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