3 gains that the Moroccan national team seeks to achieve against Tanzania

Regragui and the Moroccan national team seek to win the match (Badreddine El-Tanni/Getty)

Will be Morocco national team Football, on Tuesday, faces a real test, when it hosts its counterpart, the Tanzania national team, at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium (9 p.m., occupied Jerusalem time), as part of the second round of the tournament. African qualifiers Qualifying for the championship finals World Cup 2026.

Although the indicators favor the “Atlas Lions” team, given the difference in level between it and its host, the Tanzania team, its task will not be easy, due to the factor of playing away from home, and its competitor’s desire to achieve a positive result against the fourth World Cup in Qatar 2020.

The coach of the Moroccan national team, Walid Regragui, is seeking to achieve three gains against Tanzania, which are the players’ adaptation to the atmosphere of the African continent, before participating in the African Cup of Nations hosted by Ivory Coast in the period between January 13 and February 11 next, and testing names. New, in addition to restoring confidence to the Moroccan masses.

  • Climate adaptation

The match between the Moroccan national team and its Tanzanian counterpart represents an opportunity to adapt to the current climate in the African continent, where the temperature is high and the humidity level is high, in addition to rain falling from time to time, which constitutes an obstacle for all teams that rely on technical and individual skills.

Regragui is betting on the Tanzania match to determine the mental and physical readiness of the players, and their ability to keep up with the rhythm of the match, in light of expectations of heavy rain and a rise in humidity to 90 degrees Celsius, before deciding the final list that is expected to be relied upon in the African Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast. 2024.

The Atlas Lions coach hopes to overcome all these obstacles, and that the players will be able to impose their style of play against a competitor who will be supported by large fans.

  • Test the abilities of new names

Regragui is testing new names in the match against Tanzania, hoping to determine their ability to adapt to the heat, altitude and high humidity, especially since a number of players will discover the atmosphere of playing on the African continent for the first time, as is the case with Benjamin Bouchouari, Amir Richardson, Ayoub Adly and Sofiane Diop. And, to a lesser extent, Abdel Samad Al Zalzouli and Bilal Al Khanous.

Regragui hopes that they will be able to win the challenge in their first real test, waiting for his confidence to be taken away in the 2024 African Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast.

  • Restoring confidence to the masses

The match between Morocco and Tanzania attracts the attention of the Moroccan and Arab fans, as it is the first for the “Atlas Lions” team in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, and also after the remarkable achievement it left behind in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, when it reached the semi-finals as the first Arab and African team to achieve this achievement.

After the level of the Moroccan national team declined relatively in recent matches due to the large number of injuries among its players, the Moroccan fans hoped to achieve victory over the Tanzania national team, with the aim of returning spirit to the Ragraki battalion, before competing in the African Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast 2024.

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